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The ZiS-5 Command Truck is the main command vehicle of the Red Guards Division, they can be deployed and be redeployed in any friendly territory. Once deployed, it can produce Guards Inzhenery, M-72 Motorcycle, and Guards Officer.

It can also call in additional support ZiS-5 trucks such as: ZiS-5 Medic Truck, ZiS-5 Logistics Truck, and ZiS-5 Communications Truck.


The Command Truck can get out of trouble whenever it got into serious trouble.

Deployed Command Trucks that are cutoff from friendly territory or stationed in enemy territories can be supervised by politruks so that all the detachments can still call in units.


When deployed Command trucks get cutoff from your territory or it's purposefully stationed inside enemy territories, all of the detachments will not be able to call in any units unless the command truck is supervised by a politruk or until the command truck's sector got connected within friendly lines.

There is serious consequences if the command truck gets destroyed or be cut off from friendly lines, all the detachments of the Red Guards will not be able to call in any unit as long as there will be a new command truck to be deployed or the command truck to get out of the cutoff sector it was in.