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Wolfheze is the second mission of the Market Garden campaign of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.


As the RAF Operation continues, British paratroopers are landing in the area. Kampfgruppe Lehr's orders are to maintain control of Wolfheze and neutralize the enemy drop zones.

Main Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

1.) Secure the Drop Zone

"Neutralize the British threat by capturing the Strategic Points at the Drop Zones."

2.) Defeat the Paratrooper Counterattack

"The British are dropping Paratroopers in a desperate counterattack. Keep them from destroying the Headquarters."

Medal Objectives[]

1.) Hunt the Snipers

"The enemy has a number of Snipers sneaking about. Find and eliminate them."

Medal Earned[]

Sniper's Badge[]

Awarded for hunting and killing all Allied Snipers.


  • Midway through the mission, Aldrich will comment on having found Allied plans for Operation Market Garden, this references a real-life event (commented on in the book A Bridge too Far) wherein accurate plans for the entire operation were found in a crashed glider by German soldiers, the Germans never believed it however, fearing another Allied deception operation.