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The following is a list of available structures that could be built by the Wehrmacht faction. All these structures are built by Pioneers.


Wehrmacht Headquarters

A Wehrmacht Headquarters on the field

The Wehrmacht Headquarters is the main base of operations on the frontlines. In skirmish or on some campaign missions, it is automatically on the field. This is where Pioneer Squads are deployed. If it is destroyed, it can be repaired by them within a few minutes. This structure usually dictates the outcome of battle; a destroyed HQ usually meant doom for the side that owns it, as the aggressor is already powerful enough to destroy it completely.

The difference between Wehrmacht's Headquarters from the others is that it upgrades itself completely; the escalating battlefield conditions will allow it to unlock the primary structures that deploy the faction's finest units.

Wehrmacht Quarters[]

Wehrmacht Quarters

The Wehrmacht Quarters

Basically, this structure is a bunker, housing the brunt of the Wehrmacht's light and medium infantry sections. It houses Volksgrenadiers, MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Teams, Motorcycles or the Schwimmwagen Type 166s and Snipers.

It costs 220 manpower and 15 fuel to construct.

Krieg Barracks[]

Krieg Barracks

The Krieg Barracks

From the outside, it looks like a garage. But make no mistake, it deploys the backbone of the Wehrmacht's offensive forces. It deploys Grenadier Squads, SdKfz 251 Half-tracks, Gr. 34 8cm Mortar Teams and Pak 38 50mm Anti Tank Guns.

It costs 220 manpower and 25 fuel to construct.

Sturm Armory[]


Sturm Armory

It deploys Sdkfz 234 Armored Car, StuG IVs, Officers and Nebelwerfers. The escalation to Assault Phase happens in nearly every game. It's a required upgrade to research LMG42s for Grenadiers, the Flammenwerfer upgrade for the Haltrack, the Smoke grenade usage for the 8.1cm mortar crew and finally, it's required to build the Sturm Armory. Due to the great synergy with Blitzkrieg, Tier 3 is heavily used with Stormtroopers. Stormtroopers provide the AT (Anti-Tank) and improved anti-infantry capabilities like Grenadiers, but also camo, can use bundled grenades (unlocked at Assault Phase) and with Battle Phase, can obtain MP44s, which can decimate infantry in a close-up battle.

It costs 240 manpower and 35 fuel to construct.

Panzer Command[]


Panzer Command

The Panzer Command can be used to deploy Knight's Cross Holders, Ostwind Flakpanzers, Panzer IVs, and Panthers. In order to build this structure, you must upgrade your headquarters to Escalate to Battle Phase.

Kampfkraft Centre[]

Kampfkraft Centre Default

An empty Kampfkraft Centre. Note the large vacant space surrounding it, allowing for equipment to be stocked for later use.

Kampfkraft Centre Full

A fully upgraded Kampfkraft Centre.

(Translated: Combat Power Center)

This structure is unique to the Wehrmacht, as it is the sole base building that provides the necessary training and equipment for soldiers and vehicles, enabling them to intall new equipment and be more experienced in the field. This is the building that provides the veterancy that all the Wehrmacht units lack during the early parts of battle. It is a global upgrade structure, meaning that it will affect every unit in the field, regardless of distance. Even if the structure is destroyed, the upgrades will still be intact. This is an advantage to the faction's part as every unit will benefit from the veterancy, without even fighting on the frontlines.

It costs a mere 100 manpower to construct this structure.

There are four types of units that this structure can upgrade: Infantry squads, Support Units, Vehicles and tanks. Each type has 3 levels of upgrades available, and each level has different costs.

Veteran Infantry Upgrade Level 1 is the Veteran upgrade. It allows for infantry to be more experienced in combat, increasing their accuracy, firing rate and survivability. It is denoted by a silver diamond.

Crack Infantry Upgrade Level 2 is the Crack upgrade. It gives more training to infantry, making them more aggressive and tactical, increasing their survivability. Tank crews will deploy an extra gunner on their pintle-mounted guns. It is denoted by two silver diamonds.

Elite Infantry Upgrade Level 3 is the Elite upgrade. It is the final upgrade available to all types of units. Infantry is now highly experienced and will be highly survivable. StuG IVs, StuH 42s and Panzer IVs will get more armor in the form of armor skirts and various armor plating installed around it. It is denoted by three silver diamonds.

The table below shows the details of each upgrade, what the particular upgrade affects and costs.

Infantry Upgrades Support Unit Upgrades Vehicle Upgrades Tank Upgrades





Level Manpower Fuel Level Manpower Fuel Level Manpower Fuel Level Manpower Fuel
Veteran Infantry Upgrade
Level 1
100 30 Veteran Support Upgrade
Level 1
100 20 Veteran Vehicle Upgrade
Level 1
100 20 Veteran Tank Upgrade
Level 1
100 30
Crack Infantry Upgrade
Level 2
300 50 Crack Support Upgrade
Level 2
200 20 Crack Vehicle Upgrade
Level 2
200 40 Crack Tank Upgrade
Level 2
300 50
Elite Infantry Upgrade
Level 3
300 70 Elite Support Upgrade
Level 3
250 50 Elite Vehicle Upgrade
Level 3
250 50 Elite Tank Upgrade
Level 3
300 70