Wehrmacht Quarters
Role Basic level production center
Unit Cost 220Icon Manpower Small.png 220
15Icon Fuel Small.png 15
Prereq. None
Produced By Pioneer Squad
Production XP 20+20 xp
Health 500Icon Health Small.png 500
Armor None
The Wehrmacht Quarters is the first buidling available for the Wehrmacht, featured in Company of Heroes.

Overview Edit

This is the first tier for the Wehrmacht military production, and it's available since the beginning of the match. It enables construction of four different units. Volksgrenadier Squad, most basic infantry squad for the Wehrmacht faction, MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Team, excellent Anti-Infantry unit, BMW R75 Motorcycle, recon unit, which is perfect for scouting and harrasing early game units and finally - Sniper, which is able to kill most enemy soldiers outright from afar.


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