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Volksgrenadiers are the basic combat infantry of the OKW. They are strong at long range, but vulnerable to light vehicles due to their lack of an AT snare in the early game but can later on use Panzerfausts to cripple vehicles. Each squad is 5-men strong, which can hold out long enough against most infantry units from other factions.


Volksgrenadiers can be upgraded with STG-44's at the cost of munitions, this increases their firepower significantly. They can also throw incendiary grenades that explode upon impact, setting fire to an area. In terms of skill, they are superior to Conscripts and Osttruppen but weaker than US Riflemen, Wehrmacht Grenadiers, and British Infantry Sections.

Volksgrenadiers can build sandbags to provide directional heavy cover and with the right doctrine, they can lay minefields and construct bunkers. Volksgrenadiers also can salvage fuel from abandoned weapons and vehicles to compensate OKW's lack of capability to build storages.

In game description[]

Volksgrenadiers are reformed from hardened veterans, recovering wounded, and new recruits. They are potent frontline infantry for the Oberkommando.


Veteran 1 -

Veteran soldiers increase the squad’s survivability within combat.

Veteran 2 - Combat expertise increases squad accuracy and weapon control while under fire.
Veteran 3 - Fieldcraft and training enables the squad to heal themselves over time when out of combat and increases survivability.
Veteran 4 - The squad has increased field awareness and weapon accuracy.
Veteran 5 - Combat expertise drastically increases the squad's rate of fire.