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New SectionEdit


Most pages on wikia looks like this, they have been done by one user, which put a lot of effort into it. Personaly i think, that they look great. If we would create new page for every small things like "grenades" or other i think, that wikia would lose on attractiveness. In abilities section we would have only links to "see also" and other.

You are partially right, it may be a little strange, where every infantry unit has "upgrade to forward barracks" in abilities section, wide described, but articles about 3 factions are made in that way. They are completed and also the last thing, which would have to be changed. Wiki needs content about CoH 2, in future also about "western front armies". Wehrmacht articles also needs some editing, so they will look like pages of 3 other CoH factions.

TL DR - i would leave it as it is.


DesertDust (talk) 16:55, May 22, 2014 (UTC)

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