October 20, 2014

-Created Entry for Doctrines/Tactics/Companies

Now any instances in any future articles that may say the following- 'This ability is available only to certain commanders' will be replaced with 'Doctrinal'

Thing with the Doctrines article- It's gonna be massive. I'll need to make a list of all Commanders for the Oberkommando West, the Ostheer Wermacht, the Americans, and the Red Army. Then I'll need at least a brief description of all those commanders, and eventually a full article for each. Then I'll need a list of all abilities available to all commanders, then at the least brief descriptions for all those, and eventually short articles for each. Pictures will be needed of all their smug mugs looking into the camera, statistics will be needed, then more pictures.

   Virgil007 (talk) 01:53, October 21, 2014 (UTC)Virgil