Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I came around here. I hadn't edited because I was busy studying. Also I was very disappointed of THQ/Relic decision to shut down Company of Heroes: Online, so I didn't want to hear anything about CoH. Anyways I'm in vacation now and a friend recently purchased a copy of Company of Heroes Anthology (contain the three games) so I asked to buy me one copy (I used to wear an Eyepatch if you know what I mean).

These days I have been enjoying this game (again) and... well I wanted to return here to see if everything is running fine.

I have edited Company of Heroes (synchronized with Wikipedia); also I changed the background color to a darker one, I hope this improves readability. I also fixed a little glitch in the main page. I'm planning to add real content in the next days, because most of my edits are template o project related.

Sorry if my english wasn't good enough (indeed it has improved since when I used to hang around here).

PS. I would like to change the background. My suggestion is to put some tanks (Tigers are awesome). Any feedback?

PS2: There is also a couple of nice experimental features I would like to play with. I would like to enable "Chat", "Wikia Editor Redesign" and "Article Comments" (the last one is a bit redundant with talk pages). Any thoughts?