My personal favorite:Panzer IV IFS
Panzer Grenadier

Name: Classified

Age:Unknown(Top Secret)

Codename:Panzerjager Willy/ Willy Firefly

Ranked:12th Panzer Lehr Division/ 2nd Armor Battalion

Favorite Army:(1)Panzer Elite, (2)British

Favorite Infantry:Panzer Grenadier, Sniper, Stormtrooper Squad and Ranger Squad

Favorite vehicles:Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank, Marder III, Sherman Firefly, Tiger, Stug IV, Hetzer, M7 Priest and M4A3 Sherman

Favorite Tactics/Company/Docterine:Tank Destroyer Tactics, Royal Artillery Support, Armor Company and Blitzkrieg Doctrine

Prefer Strategy:Bliztkrieg Assult and Raining Steel(Artillery Strike)

Favorite RTS:(1)Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts &(2)Tiberium War

Personal Info[edit | edit source]

Country of origin: Malaysia

Owning COH[edit | edit source]

Price of Company of Heroes Platinium Package:RM 175.00(discount by 40%)

Feeling:Worth the money & awesome game

Marder III,my favortite Anti Tank Vehicle

Ideas[edit | edit source]

To all Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts developer, thank you for presenting the most awesome game I ever played. I wish that Relic and THQ will continue the Company of Heroes series. The African Campaign or the Eastern Front(Soviet). And to User:Son of the Witch-King, thank you for allowing me to edit and create talkpage for this wiki. I hope what I did is a little contribution to this wiki webpage. Thank You!

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