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aka Antemurale

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Hello, my name is John Pan.

I'm here because I play Company of Heroes (and its sequel), which is quite simply the best RTS I've ever played.

A fanfiction, in collaboration with MA4585159, is also going to be present here.

Company of Heroes ReviewEdit

  • The Good

Well-grounded game mechanics, with a resource system that really allows for fighting over specific resources in order to field certain units, and a good logistical mindset behind the resource system. Plus, the small scale of the game really makes tactical decisions very important (micro and macro) that forces players to stay on their toes at all times. This makes CoH gameplay much more intense and fast-paced than other RTS games. The singleplayer campaigns for vCoH and Opposing Fronts are also crafted with finesse, probably the best campaigns I've ever played—not only are they challenging and well-thought, they even work for teaching history and helping our "worst period ever period" generation understand and appreciate what the “Greatest Generation” did in WW2. Plus, this game is incredibly modular, with community-designed maps, game modes, mechanics, units, and even entire singeplayer campaigns.

  • The Bad

So, Tales of Valor comes out, and honestly, though the campaigns are pretty good, they're too short. The extra game modes (“Operations”) are also a slight disappointment—only Stonewall gets played, with little Panzerkrieg, and even less Assault. Some of the faction balance isn't worked out very well either.

  • The Ugly

So this is where the game disappoints: pathfinding. Seriously, units require you to micro them so much that if you don't, they'll run into each other and block each other. Plus, the infantry retreat function is illogical as well—why would you retreat straight into enemy units? Why wouldn't you take the longer yet safer route? The RNG(Random Numbers Generator)-ness of the game also allows for some unbelievable things to happen—here a grenade one-shots an infantry squad, while somewhere else it barely makes them itch. Seriously, while I think RNG is fine, it takes up too large a portion of gameplay. Finally, the AI is terrible—they're not intelligent, and the “hard” and “expert” settings only give them extra resources to waste. Really subtracts from non-online play. Maybe you could code hard AI after an infantry blobber and expert AI after a world-champion-class player.

  • The Verdict

9/10. It's an incredible game, with intense conflict and really requires a player to have good micro-management. However, some select gameplay issues plague this otherwise excellent game. A must-play if you like RTS games. If you do want to buy it, get the Anthology (includes the original game and the two expansions).

  • Favorite feature

The random chatter of units. Seriously, if you're willing to pay attention, they put in (sometimes, rather crude) humor into the game, something that many games about war neglect/overlook.

Company of Heroes 2 ReviewEdit

  • The Good

So, CoH 2 builds on the success of its predecessor, adding in new gameplay mechanics and modes. The addition of ice (that can sustain the weight of a tank) in winter maps is pretty cool and opens up a multitude of gameplay options. Truesight makes for great ambushes. The new fractions and units and abilities that come with the units makes for fresh gameplay. Intel bulletins allow for interesting buffing of your units to fit your playstyle better (even though the vast majority of them are pretty useless). Developer-supported community involvement really makes for more variations on the original game, keeping the game fresh. The Ardennes Assault campaign is excellently crafted, with a non-linear campaign, unique commanders, unique intel bulletins, rewards for smart command (i.e. for unit preservation, you get automatically vetted units when they come onto the field), and a final surprise mission.

  • The Bad

So, while the new gameplay mechanics make for some interesting gameplay, it isn't worked out very nicely. Take winter ice for example. RNG is a great addition to a game, since it adds tension and excitement to the game, but it shouldn't overshadow skill via player input. However, some things, such as the aforementioned winter ice and mines, have no player input and therefore frustrating.

  • The Ugly

First of all, the CoH 2 series is overpriced. Only get any CoH2 title (or DLC, for that matter) if it is on sale. Second, you haven't addressed the problem of frustrating RNG, the terrible pathfinding, and underperforming AI. Finally, that Soviet campaign's story is sub-par. For one, it jumps through too many periods of time—it would work better if you left the early war to Theater of War (where's the Operation Citadel content?) and focused on the endgame of the Eastern front, or vice versa, which would make the story more cohesive. Second, what the characters do in its story goes against military logic. Ludicrous.

  • The Verdict

9/10. Avoid the Soviet campaign if you feel you don't like its portrayals of Russia, don't buy the game or DLCs if they're not on sale. This is a better game than its predecessor, just doesn't meet my expectations.

  • Favorite Feature

The random chatter of units. It was pretty nice already in the original CoH, but in CoH 2 it gets even better.

Company of Heroes: 1946 Edit

Company of Heroes: 1946 Addendum

European Theater: Eastern FrontEdit

European Theater: Western Front ExpansionEdit

Pacific Theater: Asia StandaloneEdit

Company of Heroes 2: AfrikaEdit

  • Deutches Afrika Korps
  • Commonwealth Forces

Company of Heroes 2: Far EastEdit

  • National Revolutionary Army
  • Imperial Japanese Army

Company of Heroes 2: Modern Combat 2Edit

  • United States Forces
  • People's Liberation Army
  • British Army
  • Russian Ground Force
  • German Heer
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