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The USA is one of the main Allied factions featured in Company of Heroes 3.


Company of Heroes 3’s US Forces faction is designed to represent an early war US Armed Forces that fought in the Mediterranean theater from 1943 through to 1944. Like previous installments of the faction in Company of Heroes, the US Forces caters to an aggressive playstyle that benefits from superior production, mobility and combined arms. Featuring a familiar unit roster while introducing new faction mechanics and an updated tech structure, the US Forces faction allows the player to be flexible with their strategy and adapt their tactics as necessary at each stage of a match.

Army Attributes[]


  • Flexibility – The US Forces’ tech structure and unit composition allows for a variety of build orders and strategies that the player can adapt at each stage of a match
  • Production – A significant aspect of the Army’s strength lies in their numbers and their ability to out-maneuver, flank and overwhelm their opponent
  • Combined Arms – The US Forces faction is at its optimal performance when utilizing a combination of infantry, vehicles and air support in coordinated assaults
  • Reconnaissance – The US Forces will excel at reconnaissance and information gathering through their various units and capabilities.
  • Air Superiority – The US Forces will possess the ability to build and utilize planes in a unique manner through the Air Support Center.


  • Support Weapons – American heavy machine guns and mortars lack the stopping power, fire rate, range and other attributes of their superior German counterparts
  • Armored Vehicles – The American armored vehicles have strength in numbers, but their thinner armor and lower penetration make them vulnerable in frontal assaults


The US Forces’ low production costs and strong core infantry allows the faction to be very aggressive in the early stages of a match. This presents the faction the opportunity to push the initiative early, allowing them to capture large amounts of territory and go for key resource points and enemy cutoffs. As the match progresses, the US Forces’ advantage will begin to level out with the Wehrmacht’s broad set of tools. Finally, at the later stages of a match the US Forces player will need to rely on strength in numbers and combined arms to match the Wehrmacht’s elite infantry, superior armor and weaponry.

Base Buildings[]

US Headquarters[]

The starting building for the US Forces, in addition to housing the faction’s tech upgrades and support centers, the HQ also deploys Scout and Engineer squads to the battlefield.


  • Scout Squad – A mobile reconnaissance squad with strong utility and fast territory capturing capability
  • Engineer Squad – The toolbox of the US Forces, capable of constructing defenses, repairing vehicles and emplacements, and assaulting fortifications when upgraded with flamethrowers
  • Captain – This “lead-by-example” squad is effective against enemy infantry and comes equipped with a variety of upgrades and abilities to support their forces in the field


  • Infantry Support Center – This upgrade is 1 of the 3 required for the faction to “tech up,” unlocks various infantry-focused global upgrades such as reduced upgrades cost, reduced cooldown and improved survivability.
  • Air Support Center - This upgrade is 1 of the 3 required for the faction to “tech up” and unlocks access to Air Support abilities such as high-altitude recon runs, strafing runs, and bombing runs
  • Mechanized Support Center - This upgrade is 1 of the 3 required for the faction to “tech up” and unlocks various global upgrades that improve light and medium vehicles


The cornerstone of the US Forces, capable of deploying Riflemen, Jeeps and Mortar Teams.


  • Riflemen – The backbone of the US Forces utilizing strong firepower and scalability through veterancy and upgrades such as BAR light machine guns, Sticky Bombs and Mk. II Grenades
  • Mortar Team – A versatile indirect fire support team that can displace enemy team weapons and counter garrisoned units and static emplacements
  • Willys Jeep – Called the workhorse for the US Forces, the Willys Jeep is an effective sniper-hunter and comes well-equipped for reconnaissance and fire support


  • Grenades Package – Riflemen are equipped with short-range anti-vehicle explosive weapons and Mk. II ‘Pineapple’ Grenades for additional explosive power
  • Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR) – Riflemen are equipped with powerful, high rate-of-fire rifles that are effective at all ranges

Weapon Support Center[]

The WSC provides the US Forces with additional fire support allowing for diverse builds and supports defensive playstyles in both 1v1 and team games.

  • Heavy Machine Gun Team – A powerful anti-infantry support weapon capable of suppressing multiple squads and defending key positions
  • Bazooka Team – A specialized anti-vehicle squad that can ambush the enemy and defend against armored assaults.
  • Sniper – An elite unit that is highly effective at bleeding the enemy’s manpower and countering static support weapons
  • M3 Halftrack (w/ Medical, Quad .50cal & 75mm Upgrades) - This mobile reinforcement platform can bolster the frontlines and transition to a powerful anti-air/anti-infantry weapon, 75mm mobile anti-tank gun, or medical support vehicle.

Motor Pool[]

This mechanized production building allows the US Forces faction to push the advantage and continue their aggression with a light armored assault and anti-tank weapons.

  • Greyhound – Equipped with a 37mm turret and upgradable with a .50cal machine gun, the Greyhound is a fast and deadly armored vehicle capable of destroying enemy infantry and light vehicle targets
  • 57mm Anti-Tank Gun – A formidable defensive tool, the 57mm AT gun is the US Forces’ hard-counter to German armored vehicles
  • Chaffee Light Tank – Small but fierce, the Chaffee Light Tank is fast, mobile, and packs a punch with its 75mm main gun, but can go down quickly if not handled with care.

Tank Depot[]

The final tier of the US Forces unlocks a host of armored tanks and destructive power capable of dealing the final blow to the enemy.

  • M18 Hellcat – The fast and agile 76mm Hellcat is the primary tank destroyer in the US Forces faction; what it lacks in armor it makes up for in speed, penetration and range
  • M4A1 Sherman – One of the most iconic tanks in WW2, the Sherman has thick armor, a powerful 75mm main gun and can be upgraded with a .50cal machine gun
  • 105mm Bulldozer Sherman – Heavy frontal armor combined with a bulldozer blade allows this tank to plow through entrenched positions and devastate the enemy with short-range, high explosive 105mm shells

Faction Mechanics[]

The US Forces offers three different upgrades that advance their tech and offer unique strategic benefits. These upgrades are focused around three main themes: Air Superiority, Mechanized Support, and Infantry Support. Outside of tech unlocks, the US Forces also offers casualty clearing via the Medical Station to receive discounted reinforcements.

Mechanized Support Center[]


The MSC allows players to heavily invest in a mechanized strategy, focusing on a combination of light and medium vehicles. In addition to unlocking various upgrades for the M3 Halftrack, the MSC also provides passive repairs to nearby vehicles and grants access to a variety of global upgrades that improve light and medium vehicles in the core army.

Key Points[]

  • Unlocks the following upgrades on the M3 Halftrack
    • M45 Quadmount
    • 75mm Motor Gun Carriage
    • Medical Halftrack
  • Unlocks global upgrades that improve the army’s mechanized capabilities
  • Unlocks a Mechanized Repair Bay in the base that passively repairs nearby vehicles

Air Support Center[]


The ASC focuses on combined arms tactics via air support planes used in coordination with infantry and vehicles. Once purchased, the ASC grants access to reconnaissance, strafing and bombing plane abilities.

Key Points[]

  • Unlocks the following air support abilities:
    • High Altitude Reconnaissance
    • Anti-Infantry Strafing Run
    • High Explosive Bombing Run
  • Unlocks global upgrades that improve the army’s air support capabilities

Infantry Support Center[]


The ISC is intended to allow a player to heavily invest in infantry and infantry-focused strategies. Once purchased, the ISC increases the player’s default munitions income and provides access to a variety of global upgrades focused on infantry economy, logistics, and support.

Key Points[]

  • Increases default munitions income
  • Unlocks global upgrades that improve the army’s infantry economy and support capabilities

Medical Station - Casualty Clearing[]


The Medical Station is the army’s primary in-base healing platform with a twist. In addition to passively healing nearby infantry and team weapons, the Medical Station also spawns Field Medics that roam the battlefield searching for and returning downed infantry from the brink of death. Returned casualties grant up to 6 free reinforcements in the base sector.

Key Points[]

  • Unlocks Field Medics
    • Passive infantry units that automatically spawn from the Medical Station
    • Passively rescue casualties on the battlefield that provide free reinforcements once returned to base

Defensive Structures[]

The following structures can be built by infantry such as the Engineer squad.

  • Sandbag Wall: Wall of sandbags that provide heavy cover, can be vaulted over.
  • Barbed Wire Fence: Row of barbed wire that blocks infantry from moving through the area.
  • Fighting Position: A strong anti-infantry position, firing a machine-gun on approaching enemy troops.
  • Tank Trap: Tank traps block light and medium vehicles from moving through an area.
  • M5 Mine: Mine that is triggered by proximity, dealing damage in an area.

Battlegroup Units[]

Battlegroup units are units that are called in from off map locations. Usually, these units are extremely effective at what they were designed to do. They are the following units:

  • Assault Engineers
  • Pathfinder Squad
  • Paratrooper Squad
  • M31 Recovery Vehicle
  • M8 Scott
  • M4A38E Sherman Task Force

US Forces Battlegroups[]

Each Battlegroup is comprised of 10 Battlegroup Abilities and is split into two main branches. During gameplay, you will earn Command Points that can be spent on these branches to unlock abilities. At the bottom of each tree will be a significant unlock or ability, so you will have to choose how far you invest on one side, before moving to the other.

Airborne Battlegroup[]

The Airborne Battlegroup blends highly effective air support with versatile paradropped infantry and team weapons. This Battlegroup is able to mobilize quickly, take ground from behind enemy lines, and harass the enemy where they’re weak. Those who remember the Airborne from Company of Heroes 1 and 2 will undoubtedly be familiar with its Paratroopers and paradropped team weapons, but this time around we’ve added some extra flavor. To name but a few:


  • Your standard Scout Squads can be trained as Pathfinders, able to capture territory quickly, light up the battlefield with Flares and even hold their own in early engagements. These squads are vital for getting a lay of the land before the invasion begins.

Paradrop Reinforcements

  • When working behind enemy lines, sometimes the best source of reinforcement is from above. Call in a loitering transport plane to reinforce any friendly infantry squads within its area of effect. Whether reinforcing Riflemen or team weapons, this is a rapid way to bolster your forces when out in the field.

Carpet Bombing Run

  • There’s nothing quite like three B-25 Bombers delivering a heavy payload over the target area. Mark the area with red smoke and watch your enemy turn and run at the sight of the coming onslaught. Also pretty effective if you need a few ambient buildings removing.

Command Points[]

Don’t forget that in Company of Heroes 3’s Battlegroups, there are exclusive choices. For example, you may want to start with Pathfinders for a strong opening, or forgo them for an HMG Team paradrop once you hit 1 Command Point. The exclusive choices in this Battlegroup will enable you to pick and choose what your army needs, when it needs it. Already got a Halftrack to handle your reinforcement needs? Grab the Supply Drop instead. Facing masses of enemy Panzers? Opt for the P-47 Rocket Strike instead of the Carpet Bombing Run.

Armored Battlegroup[]

The Armored Battlegroup blends the sheer ingenuity of the Engineer Corps and its capacity to keep the War Machine in motion, with massed production and a host of armored fighting vehicles. This Battlegroup will enable you to produce vehicles faster, keep them in the field longer, and provide them the training to outsmart their opponents. The sheer fame and tenacity of US Armor was our focus for this Battlegroup, pulling together our favorite elements from the Company of Heroes franchise.

Assault Engineer Squad

  • Bolstered with an additional soldier, improved combat performance and an M2 Flamethrower to boot, this early-game Infantry Squad can wreak havoc against enemies in cover or in garrisons. And when the ground has been taken, get them back on mine-laying duty in preparation for the counterattack.

M31 Recovery Vehicle

  • Converted from a defunct M3 Lee tank, this craned recovery tank can be called in to repair vehicles and structures in the field as well as recover allied and enemy vehicles. While the recovery process is time-consuming, there’s nothing quite like the look on the enemy commander’s face when they see their own StuG’s raised from the dead.  

M4A38E Sherman Task Force

  • Sporting a 76mm main gun, better armor and some much needed suspension improvements, the ‘Easy-Eight’ is an armored vehicle to be reckoned with. Better than the standard M4 Sherman in every way, and escorted onto the premises with a Riflemen Squad escort.

Command Points[]

Choosing where to spend your Command Points in the Armored Battlegroup will decide how much Engineer or Armored support you have in your strategy. By focusing on Assault Engineers early, you might not need the repair support of the M31 Recovery Vehicle. Alternatively, specializing in Veteran Crews for your vehicles means your Jeeps could be able to capture territory, and your M4 Sherman tanks could have access to White Phosphorous rounds from the offset. The choice is yours!