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Tiger Ace PzKpfw VI COH2 Ostheer.png
Tiger Ace
Tiger Ace PzKpfw VI picture COH2 Ostheer.png
A Tiger Ace with camouflage used on the Eastern Front
Role Elite Heavy Tank
Unit Cost 800 800250 25024 24
Upkeep per Minute -36 -36
Prereq. Elite Troops Doctrine
Produced By Call-in
Primary armament 88mm KwK 36
Secondary armament 2x 7.92mm MG 34
Health 1280 1,280
Armor Front: 300
Rear: 140
Max. Speed 4.7 m/s

The Tiger Ace and its crew are the veterans of countless battles. Through experience, they have become experts at knocking out enemy tanks and living to tell the tale. This Tiger commander emphasizes caution and awareness over speed.

Effective against all targets. Weak against massed anti tank weapons.


The Tiger tank ( PanzerKampfwagen VI ) , was a German built heavy tank used during the second world war on both the western and eastern fronts.

This version comes with rank 3 Veterancy and a unique yellow-stripe paint scheme. The Tiger Ace is only available to the Elite Troops Doctrine commander, and its final call-in unit . To balance its game-turning capabilities, calling in the Tiger Ace bears a 90% fuel income penalty and a 25% manpower income penalty until it is destroyed. As such it should only be called in during critical points of a battle, whether a desperate defence against an armoured spearhead or decisive breakthrough against enemy defences.


Identical to the 88mm cannon of the Tiger, it performs as what would be expected of this gun: a major threat to any vehicle, tank, or infantry within range. The pintle-mounted MG42 and the other machineguns mounted on this tank give it a degree of protection and offensive capability against nearby infantry.


Ability Blitzkrieg COH2 Ostheer.png Blitzkrieg Tactics[]

  • Cost : 30
  • Cooldown : 30 seconds

Tanks employ well-practiced Blitzkrieg tactics, fully utilizing the capacities of their vehicle to execute rapid manoeuvres and thereby avoid enemy fire.

Ability Hold Fire Tanks COH2 Ostheer.gif Prioritize Vehicles[]

  • Activation: toggle ability

Attacks vehicles freely, but holds fire against infantry and structures unless given an explicit order to fire.

Tiger vehicle crew repair.png Vehicle Crew Repair[]

  • Cost : 35
  • Cooldown : 45 second
  • Must be out of combat

Vehicle crews repair battlefield damage on their vehicle once they leave combat.

Ability spearhead.png Spearhead[]

  • Veterancy : 2
  • Activation : toggle ability

Focusing on frontal assault, the Tiger Ace has faster turret rotation and a longer sight range, but the turret is locked 90°

Toggle ability. Turret rotation locked to forward 90°, turret can track more quickly and sight range is increased.

Veterancy []

The Tiger Ace enters the battlefield fully vetted.

Veterancy1 CoH2.png Level 1 Veterancy:
  • Unlocks the 'Blitzkrieg Tactics' ability
Veterancy2 CoH2.png Level 2 Veterancy:
  • Unlocks the 'Spearhead' ability
  • +5% weapon range
  • +20% accuracy
  • -20% scatter
Veterancy3 CoH2.png Level 3 Veterancy:
  • -30% reload time
  • +20% rotation speed
  • +20% speed
  • +20% ac/de-celeration