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"Heavy panzer on the move!"

Black Tiger

The Black Tiger from the American Campaign

The Tiger Ace is a reward unit for Wehrmacht's King Tiger that is featured in Company of Heroes: Eastern Front.


88mm KwK 36 L/56[]

The Tiger Ace's main weapon is the tank gun version of the feared 88mm Flak 36 AA/AT Gun. The 88mm Kwk 36 L/56, it is one of the most powerful tank gun ever fitted into a rotating turret in World War II. Every single hit of it drains up to 137.5 health and reloads for 7 seconds. Range is 40m

7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34[]

The Tiger Ace's secondary weapon is the predecessor of the feared Maschinengewehr 42. The 7.92mm Maschinengewehr 34, it is one of the most powerful machine guns in World War II. Every single hit of it drains up to 8 health and reloads only for 3 seconds. It fires 15-30 bullets before it reloads again.


Marked Shot[]

Shoots the target vehicle with a AP round that will damage the targeted tank's engine. You can use the ability up to 50m from the target. It costs 75Icon Munitions Small 75 and has a 45 second cooldown. The shot never misses and always penetrates.

Changes from Tiger[]

The Tiger Ace is an upgraded version of the Tiger. Its hitpoints is increased from 1064Icon Health Small 1,064 to 1500Icon Health Small 1,500. Its speed is also increased from 4 m/s to 5 m/s.