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The Grey Castle is the third and final mission of the Causeway campaign in Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

Mission Description[]

Able, Baker and the rest of the 82nd Airborne have been pushed from Cauquigny with little time remaining to secure their objectives. The Germans have bunkered down, their machine guns trained on the Causeway road.


When it is daytime, Germans had fortified the La Fiere bridge and trying to halt the assault. Sergeant Craft says the 4th Infantry Division needs the road open. During the first charge, the squads that charges are wiped out by howitzers and MG42s. However, during second charge, the squad members are left behind and Sergeant Craft charges along with others.(Latter we know he is the only one who managed to cross the La Fiere bridge.)

After managing to cross the bridge, Craft takes out the personnel who tried to hold off Allied advance and rest elements of Able and Baker squad link up with Craft. After this, the squads start to take out the anti-tank guns and howitzers while 6th Armored Group and 4th Infantry Division pushes along with remaining 82nd Airborne Division. After completing their objectives, Craft decides to avenge for Wilson. Able and Baker Squads then assault the Grey Castle and take out the personnel inside the castle, including the Panzer IV that took out Wilson's life during second mission.

Later in cutscene, Sergeant Craft is killed in action during the defense of Maas River bridge but successfully halt the German assault.

Mission Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

1. Cross the Causeway

2. Destroy HMGs

Neutralize the HMGs to let the rest of the paratroopers cross.

3. Clear the Road of Anti-tank Guns

Seek out and destroy the Anti-tank Guns so that Allied Armor can pass through safely.

4. Neutralize German Howitzers

Destroy the artillery emplacements firing on Allied troops.

5. Clear Grey Castle

The remnants of the German force have retreated to Grey Castle. Destroy these last vestiges of the German threat.

6. Keep Able Squad and Baker Squad Alive

Able and Baker Squad must be alive in order to successfully complete the mission.

Medal Objectives[]

1. Clear the Crossroads

Clear out the crossroads near the Grey Castle so that the Allied Armor can move forward.



  • Surprisingly, the German Howitzers you have to destroy have entirely new models and skins. They are named "Light Field Howitzers" and they do not appear anywhere else in the game.
  • This is the only mission where 2 separate supporting units are present.