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The Terror doctrine is one of the three doctrines available for the Wehrmacht. As the name implies, it specializes in psychological warfare and demoralization tactics, using the minds of their enemies as their weakness and putting fear into them using brutal artillery strikes, propaganda, and displaying the Reich's might by calling of the heaviest and the most powerful tank in the game.


This doctrine uses psychological warfare to its advantage, using fear, demoralization and confusion as a weapon on its own and using enlightening propaganda, and artillery strikes to bolster its own units on the field and to demoralize the enemy into submission.

Command Tree Structure[]

Commander Terror Doctrine Banner
Terror Doctrine
Hero Support Propaganda
Zeal 1 Insas 1
Zeal Inspired Assault
Volksgrenadier Squads, Grenadier Squads and Knight's Cross Holders will fight harder as they suffer casualties, hopefully allowing them to take some Allied infantry along with them as they inevitably die in a blaze of glory. Grants an ability that, when activated, increases the combat effectiveness of Wehrmacht infantry but makes them more susceptible to attacks.
CommandTree Succession Arrow CommandTree Succession Arrow
Propwar 3 Fiom 2
Propaganda War Firestorm
For 100Icon Munitions Small 100, an enemy squad can be forced to retreat to their headquarters. Useful to stop an enemy infantry squad from capturing a high-value control point or disorganizing an enemy assault. Enables calling in a barrage of incendiary rockets at any visible point on the battlefield to burn infantry and light vehicles, for the cost of 175Icon Munitions Small 175.
CommandTree Succession Arrow CommandTree Succession Arrow
King 5 V1rock 4
King Tiger V1 Rocket Artillery
Allows calling in one (and only one) King Tiger tank: the strongest tank in the Wehrmacht arsenal. It is well-armored and its cannon can pierce every armor the Allies could field. Enables calling in a V1 "flying bomb" to devastate anything caught in its massive explosion.