Tankoviy Battalion Command
Role Armored unit production structure
Unit Cost 240Icon Manpower Small.png 240
85Icon Fuel Small.png 85
Prereq. Special Rifle Command or Support Weapon Kampaneya
Produced By Combat Engineers

The Tankoviy Battalion Command is a production center built by the Soviet Army in Company of Heroes 2.

Game Info Edit

Either a Special Rifle Command or Support Weapon Kampaneya is required to build the Tankoviy Battalion Command.

Production Edit

The Tankoviy Battalion Command produces three units: The M5 Half-Track Transport, the T-70 Light Tank and the SU-76M assault gun.

M5 Half-Track Transport Edit

  • Costs 270Icon Manpower Small.png 270, 30Icon Fuel Small.png 30, 5Icon PopCap Small.png 5
  • Takes 30 seconds to produce

T-70 Light Tank Edit

  • Costs 200Icon Manpower Small.png 200, 70Icon Fuel Small.png 70 8Icon PopCap Small.png 8
  • Takes 30 seconds to produce

SU-76M assault gun Edit

  • Costs 280Icon Manpower Small.png 280, 75Icon Fuel Small.png 75, 8Icon PopCap Small.png 8
  • Takes 45 seconds to produce

Strategy Edit

The Tankoviy Battalion Command offers a wide variety of medium vehicles to enhance the Soviet Army at mid-game. These units are what makes Soviet mid-game so powerful; however, they do not scale as well as their counterparts into late game.

M5 Halftracks can be used to transport and reinforce infantry near the frontline, but it can also be upgraded with an M45 Quad .50cal. and used effectively against enemy infantry.

The T-70 is arguably the second-best light tank in the game. An exceptional shock unit, it can snipe enemy infantry models, and can take the fight to enemy vehicles as well, often winning in a one to one fight against a Panzer II "Luchs" light tank is a one to one fight due to superior penetration. It also has Recon Mode that disables weaponry but increases its line-of-sight and enables it to capture territory points. Finally, it can cheat death with its stock Self-Repair ability. While expensive (60 Munitions), it can allow the T-70 to survive two shots from AT guns, which it would normally die from.

The SU-76M is a reliable tank destroyer, able to zone-out enemy light vehicles. A group of them (3 SU-76Ms) can be a reliable counter to even Axis heavy tanks. Additionally, it has a munitions-free Barrage ability that can be used to either destroy enemy defenses or force enemy units to reposition, lest they suffer the same fate. Cheaper and more fragile than most Soviet vehicles with comparable firepower.

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