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Support Army Group is one of three available Ostheer Command Tree. As the name implies, this command tree has several support units, on the Left side we got Air Support in Brandenburgers, Aces High! and Carpet Bombing while on the Right side it was more ground based Support. 

Army Support


Ostheer is a Faction that stressing the complexity of Upgrades and combat buffs was uniqueness of this forces. as can be seen its Command Trees, Abilities and Veterancy largely exploiting their superior and complex buffs on their Units.

Itsinfantry gain Veterancy by killing enemies, but the addition o Blood lust mechanic which granted short-term (10s~15s) meanwhile their Tanks gain Veterancy you receive the option to level up one of 3 specific crew members. Giving them passive buffs. In addition, vehicles also get a one-time use ability with every veterancy level. on the other hands Ostheer use  new way to build their units by ability to switch its unit-pool for different battle-situations. The building units are divided by Light Assault(LA) units andLight Support(LS) units.

It means Ostheer forces excelling on two things, their units was specific-role and rely on upgrade Augmentation and battle improvement buffs tied to their Veterancy

Support Army Group aimed to exploit these superiority by accelerating the force-building progression to be one step ahead their opposition, whether it was point capturing, resource boost, Anti tank-Artillery Combined arms unit and significant buff of their Panzerwerfer artillery with more devastating ammo

Heroes Support have more straightforward characteristic as it gives the supporting unit and two off-map artillery.  Just Like the Luftwaffe's, this branch was dedicated on map Control, given its brutal Airpower and fast point Capturing. It provide a composition of Infantry unit support in the form of Brandenburger, which  specialization is point capturing, they wearing russian uniform. Secondly was air forces areal patrol with Ju 87 similar to Henschel Hs 129, thought the comparation between the two was still unknown. And lastly, the end of this branch provide you an artillery support in the form of Carpet Bombing of three Ju 88

On the other side Propaganda Branch was more versatile on their resolve, thought complicated. Prioritized Resources  allow Opel Truck to call Ju 52 which would parachute drop a significant resources boost depending on your secured sector. Incendiary Rounds give your artillery devastating Augmentation. its only off-map call unit, ad-hoc detachment can be considered a versatile one since its give support in the form of Sturmfusilier antitank Units and vehicle that based on your upgrade choice, which give you Wespe for Support upgrade and Panzer 38t if you choose assault upgrade.

Command Tree Structures[]

Support Army Group

Heroes Support Propaganda
2 2
Brandenburger Prioritized Resources
calls a Ju 52 which paradrops a Brandenburger squad at the desired area. Brandenburgers are specialized in undercover operations, and they use soviet uniforms and soviet weapons. They have also the ability to capture a point instantly if it is neutral and to make neutral an enemy captured point, this ability doesn't work on Secured Points or in Victory Points. gives the Opel Maultier the ability to call a Ju 52, which paradrops some resources to your troops. The resources given depends of the secured sector and this ability cannot be used in your Commander Area so, make sure you are in a safe zone while you call this because your opponent can pick it up as well!
3 2
Aces High! Ad-hoc Detachment
calls the Ju 87 with Kanonenvogel over a chosen sector, it also fires at infantry if it is close to the armoured unit it is attacking. a call-in ability than enables the commander to call an Sturmfusiliers squads(they are AT infantry squads) and the self-propelled artillery unit Wespe(if you have chosen the support upgrade) or the Panzer 38t(if you have chosen the assault upgrade).
3 3
Carpet Bombing Incendiary Rounds
calls three Ju 88 in Delta Formation dropping bombs over the selected area, it covers a quite big area so, be aware of the chances of being caught on friendly fire for your or your allied troops an upgrade given toPanzerwerfers, it makes them able to fire incendiary projectiles instead of the normal ones. This upgrade is global , retroactive and automatic so, once you pick this your Panzerwerfers will no longer fire their original ammo.