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Sturm Armory
Army Wehrmacht
Role Multi-purpose production center
Unit Cost 240 240
35 35
Prereq. Escalation to Assault Phase
Produced By Pioneer Squad
Production XP 23+23 xp
Health 635 635
Armor None

The Sturm Armory is a unit producing structure for the Wehrmacht, available after advancing to the third phase of combat at the Reich Headquarters.


It deploys medium armored vehicles such as the Sdkfz 234 Armored Car, Stug IV, Officer, 150mm Nebelwerfer Rocket Battery, and Geschutzwagen (Tales of Valor reward unit). The escalation to Assault Phase (T3) happens in nearly every game. It's a required upgrade to research LMG42s for Grenadiers, and the Flammenwerfer upgrade for the Sdkfz 251 Halftrack.


Due to the great synergy with Blitzkrieg Doctrine, Tier 3 (Assault Phase) is heavily used with Stormtroopers. The Armory grants them the MP44 Sturmgewehr Rifles upgrade, which can decimate infantry in a close-up battle. Stormtroopers provide improved anti-infantry capabilities over the T2 Grenadiers Squads for only a modest increase in cost while retaining the AT (Anti-Tank) capability with Panzerschrecks. Finally, Stormtroopers add on two useful abilities: camo, and bundled grenades. The StuG IV is used as a portable PaK 38 and the Nebelwerfers can decimate infantry 'blobs' with their long range and incendiary capabilities. Overall, their units make the Tier 2 Krieg Barracks redundant, as Storm troopers replace Grenadiers, StuGs replace Paks and StuHs replace Mortars.

Even for non-Blitzkrieg strategies, a Puma Armored Car rush can be a potent strategy. They are fast and capable of quickly destroying Allied infantry to deny the enemy capture opportunities. They are easily capable of flanking US AT Guns and force them to spend fuel producing their own vehicle force, such as the M8 Armored Car or T17 Armored Car.