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St. Fromond is the eighth mission of the American campaign of Company of Heroes.


Operation Cobra. Able Company is deployed to St. Lo sector, also known as Hedgerow country. Their first mission is to secure the town of St. Fromond and establish a bridgehead across the river Vire.


Primary Objectives[]

1.) Repair Bridge

"Order Engineers to Repair the bridge over the river Vire. Once repaired eliminate all Axis troops defending St. Fromond."

2.) Secure St. Fromond

"St. Fromond overlooks a vital bridge spanning the river Vire. Capture the Strategic Point in the center of the town square to establish a bridgehead."

3.) Defend St. Fromond for 30 Minutes

"Elements of the 38th SS are mobilizing the counter-attack. Fortify St. Fromond and defend the town and bridge at all costs."

Secondary Objectives[]

1.) Neutralize Nebelwerfers

"Hunt down and destroy the Nebelwerfer batteries that are bombarding St. Fromond."

Medal Objectives[]

1.) Destroy the Axis Chateau HQ

"The 38th SS is using the Chateau to the north as a forward HQ. Destroy the Axis HQ."

Medal Earned[]

Bronze Star[]

Awarded for destroying Axis headquarters

Game mechanism explained[]

Capturing the strategic point at the town square with a frontal attack, as recommended by the game, is sort of ill-advised. Doing this will force the player to cope with the upcoming counterattack with meager resources, leading almost for certain to a struggling experience.

In fact, the town square point will be automatically captured under either of the following conditions:

  • Capture all supply points surrounding the town square
  • Push forces close enough to the Axis HQ

The second condition is designed to prevent the player from destroying the German HQ prematurely to gain an advantage. In other words, there is an invisible 'tripwire' (which is cleverly drawn to be just slightly further than a Calliope's maximum range) and crossing it would instantly trigger the capture of the town square. Keeping these two rules in mind, a smart commander may accumulate enough resources by leaving only one point unoccupied before entering the counterattack phase.

One last thing, an immediate victory (countdown timer override) is possible if all German production structures and active forces are eliminated.

Tips on the medal[]

The German HQ is so well defended that it is ill-advised to attack head-on, especially on higher difficulties. Destroying it with artillery barrage is highly recommended. The ideal way is to keep the Sherman Calliope alive by escorting it with sufficient forces. The chateau is a hard-to-miss large structure so 3 - 4 rocket barrages are usually enough to tear it down.

Alternatively, under the same principle, the goal could be achieved with captured Nebelwerfers. This tactic is considered suboptimal because Nebelwerfers will occupy additional population slots, and their crews more vulnerable.


The Mission is named Artillery Duel in the game files.

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