St. Fromond is the eighth mission of the American campaign of Company of Heroes.

Background Edit

Operation Cobra. Able Company is deployed to St. Lo sector, also known as Hedgerow country. Their first mission is to secure the town of St. Fromond and establish a bridgehead across the river Vire.

Objectives Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

1.) Repair Bridge

"Order Engineers to Repair the bridge over the river Vire. Once repaired eliminate all Axis troops defending St. Fromond."

2.) Secure St. Fromond

"St. Fromond overlooks a vital bridge spanning the river Vire. Capture the Strategic Point in the center of the town square to establish a bridgehead."

3.) Defend St. Fromond for 30 Minutes

"Elements of the 38th SS are mobilizing the counter-attack. Fortify St. Fromond and defend the town and bridge at all costs."

Secondary Objectives Edit

1.) Neutralize Nebelwerfers

"Hunt down and destroy the Nebelwerfer batteries that are bombarding St. Fromond."

Medal Objectives Edit

1.) Destroy the Axis Chateau HQ

"The 38th SS is using the Chateau to the north as a forward HQ. Destroy the Axis HQ."

Medal Earned Edit

Bronze Star Edit

Awarded for destroying Axis headquarters.


The Mission is named Artillery Duel in the game files.

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