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Mechanized Armor KampaneyaMechanized Assault DoctrineMechanized Assault Group
Mechanized Grenadiers GroupMechanized Support TacticsMedals
MedicMedic StationMedical Officer (Chinese)
MinesMini Map
Mobile Defense DoctrineMontebourg
MortainMortain CounterattackMortar
Mortar CommandosMortar HalftrackMortar Team
Mortar Team (Chinese)Motor PoolMotorcycle
Munition CacheMunitions Halftrack
NashornNate Burrows
Normandy 1944 european theatre modOberkommando West
ObersoldatenObservation Post (American)Off-Map Artillery
OfficerOmaha BeachOosterbeek
Oosterbeek- Der HexenkesselOpel Blitz Cargo Truck
Ordnance QF 6-Pounder Anti-Tank GunOsstruppen SquadOstheer
OsttruppenOsttruppen Doctrine
Ostwind FlakpanzerOstwind Flakpanzer IVP-47 Thunderbolt
PIAT CommandosPM-41 82mm Mortar Squad
Pak 38 50mm Anti Tank GunPak 40 7.5cm Anti-tank GunPak 43 88mm AT Gun
PantherPanther (Panzer Elite)Panther PzKpfw V
Panther PzKpfw V Medium Tank
PanzerPanzer-Jäger Kommand
Panzer-Support KommandPanzer CommandPanzer Elite
Panzer Elite HeadquartersPanzer Elite Veterancy
Panzer Grenadiers
Panzer II "Luchs" Light TankPanzer IVPanzer IV Command Tank
Panzer IV Infantry Support TankPanzer IV Medium Tank
PanzergrenadiersPanzerwerfer 42 Multiple Rocket Launcher
Partisan TacticsPartisan Tank Hunters
Penal Battalion
PenetrationPenetration (coh2)Pioneer Squad
Pioneer Squad OstheerPriest Self-Propelled Artillery
Propaganda WarPumaQF 17-Pounder AT Gun Emplacement
Raketenwerfer 43 Anti-Tank Rocket LauncherRanger Squad
Real-time strategyRear Echelon TroopsRegimental Field Headquarters
Registered ArtilleryRegular Squad (Chinese)Reich Headquarters
Reinforcement PointResource Blitz
ResourcesRetreat from Villers-BocageReturn to Valkenswaard
RevertRiegel 43 Anti-Tank MineRiflemen Squad
Riflemen squadRoad BlocksRoyal Artillery Support
Royal Commandos SupportRoyal Engineers
Royal Engineers SupportS-Mines FieldSU-76M Assault Gun
SWS Supply HalftrackSand BagsSappers
SchwimmwagenSchwimmwagen Type 128Schwimmwagen Type 166
Scorched Earth TacticsScout Sniper
Sd.Kfz. 250SdKfz.221 Scout CarSdKfz 221/222 Scout Car
SdKfz 222 Armored Car
SdKfz 250/7 Mortar Halftrack (Ostheer)SdKfz 251 "Stuka zu Fuß" Half-track
SdKfz 251 Halftrack (Ostheer)Sdkfz 234 Armored Car
Sdkfz 251/17 Flak Half-trackSdkfz 251/20 Half-track w/Infrared SearchlightSdkfz 251 Halftrack
SemoisSherman Calliope
Sherman FireflySherman Firefly (COH 2)Sherman Jumbo
Shock Rifle Frontline TacticsShock TroopsSideskirts
Slit TrenchSniper
Sniper (American)Sniper (Wehrmacht)Sniper (Wehrmacht Ostheer)
SottevastSoviet Combined Arms ArmySoviet Reserve Army
Soviet Shock ArmySoviet UnionSoviet Union (CoH 2)
Spearhead DoctrineSpecial OperationsSpecial Rifle Command
Special Scout (Chinese)St. FromondSt. Lo
Staghound Armored CarSticky BombsStorm Doctrine
Stormtrooper SquadStormtroopers
Strategic PointStrategic Reserves DoctrineStuG III Ausf.E Assault Gun
StuG III Ausf.G Assault GunStuH 42
Stuart Light TankStug IV
Sturm ArmorySturmpanzer IV "Brummbar"Sturmpioneer Squad
Supply YardSupport Armor KorpsSupport Army Group
Support Weapon KampaneyaSupport Weapon Upgrade (Chinese Upgrade)Suppression
T-34/76 (CoH2)T-34/85T-34/85 Medium Tank
T-70 Light TankT17 Armored Car
THQTactical Maps
Tank Buster Heavy InfantryTank Depot
Tank Destroyer TacticsTank TrapsTankoviy Battalion Command
Teller MinesTerror DoctrineTerror Tactics
Tetrarch TankThe Grey Castle
The Royal Air Force - Company of HeroesThe Western Front ArmiesThompson
TigerTiger AceTiger Ace (Eastern Front)
Tiger Ace PzKpfw VITiger B 'Königstiger'
Tiger PzKpfw VITiger Tank "205"
Triage Center
US forces (coh 2)Unit
United StatesUniversal CarrierUrban Assault Support
V1 Rocket Artillery
VehicleVehicle Crew
Vehicle PatternsVeterancy
Vickers Heavy Machine Gun TeamVickers Machine Gun EmplacementVillers-Bocage: Birth of A Legend
Vire River ValleyVolksgrenadier SquadVolksgrenadiers
WarningWeapon TeamWeapons Support Center
WehrmachtWehrmacht Ostheer
Wehrmacht QuartersWehrmacht StructuresWehrmacht Veterancy
WilsonWirbelwind FlakpanzerWolfgang Berger
WolfhezeWolfheze: September SnowWorld War II
WrecksZealZiS-3 76mm divisional field gun
ZiS-5 Command Trucks

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