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This is an article about the Eastern Front mod.
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The Soviet Union is a playable army featured in Company of Heroes: Eastern Front.


State Emblem of the Soviet Union until 1936

Game info[]

The Soviet Union faction is a fan created mod that features an entire new line of Soviet units. This faction features units and tactics focusing more on masses of mediocre infantry and cheap but reliable tanks to break enemy lines and overwhelm opponents. The Soviet faction has many units that parallel other factions (ex: ingneery is equivalent to pioneers or engineers). However, with slight differences in both range and efficiency as well as permanent upgrades that affect all units (similar to Wehrmacht), it can be said that the Soviet faction has a decisive advantage on the battlefield, especially later on on the game. when a player has probably researched all possible upgrades. In addition. a significant number of Soviet units and commander abilities cost nothing, further increasing a Soviet commander's power on the battle field.