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Sottevast is the seventh mission of the American campaign of Company of Heroes.


Allied intelligence has uncovered a functional V2 rocket site. To deal with this threat, Fox company is called in to raid the facility. Their mission is to neutralize the V2 site's garrison and destroy the rockets.


Primary Objectives[]

1.) Destroy V2 Launch Assembly

"Use Paratroops to wire the V2 Rocket Launchpad with demolitions. This will create a chain reaction that will destroy the launch facility."

Secondary Objectives[]

1.) Assault Main Entrance

"Prior to attacking the V2 base the Main Entrance must be secured. Approach with caution and secure the Strategic Point."

2.) Defend Main Entrance

"The Main Entrance must be defended. Once secured reinforcements will be available."

3.) Destroy Oxygen Tanks

"Use Paratroopers to wire the Oxygen Tanks with demolitions and destroy them."

Medal Objectives[]

1.) Eliminate Base Komandant

"A high ranking Officer is coordinating all base defenses. Neutralize him!"

Medal Earned[]

Air Medal[]

Awarded for killing the Axis Base Commander.


  • The Mission is named V2 Rocket in the game files.
  • It is possible to kill the base commander before he is alerted by blind-bombarding his post with several mortars from the vicinity of the oxygen tank. The resilient officer will perish with the collapse of the building. However, doing so will make the medal unobtainable, as the bonus objective will never be triggered. This is likely a development oversight.
  • The "trophy" commander has a fully-scripted escape route: first to another command station on the rooftop, then to the entrance of the launch pad. Basically, he is running into a dead end rather than making an escape. In fact, he could be bypassed by a commander that follows an unorthodox tactic or seeks a faster finish, but not likely be truly missed.

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