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"...looking back, I recall asking my captain why command was so interested in this little town, what possible reason could there be for taking it. I'll never forget the answer he gave me - 'Because Jerry wants it'." The combination of rural countryside and natural chokepoints means victory will go to the side who can best exploit the landscape.


  • Securing primary fuel points is always key, the +10 fuel points connected to each base, but don’t let your opponent get dug in. Semois has a number of key structures on it that make for devastating early game machine gun positions such as the church near the middle of town.
  • Wehrmacht MG42s actually outrange Allied heavy machine guns.
  • Snipers can be a good way to break an enemy’s defensive position, they are particularly effective at removing enemy machine guns from buildings.
  • Mortars can be positioned in relative safety behind buildings allowing you to lob their rounds over the buildings and into enemy ranks. They can be worth their weight in gold on this map.
  • (note this is user submitted) Try playing with random spawns and hopefully get two from there enforce a stranglehold on the enemy if victory point mode or build up strength for an assault to destroy their base if in annihilation mode works for me every time but remember the little passage on the edge of the map that should at least have mines or barbed wire (both are suggested)