The SdKfz 251 "Stuka zu Fuß" (Stuka on wheels), also known as a walking stuka, is an Oberkommando West halftrack with 6 heavy rocket pods on the sides, one of the older mobile rocket artillery vehicles in the war, but no less devastating. More expensive (but often available earlier) than the Katyusha or the Panzerwerfer, its counterparts of the Soviet and Ostheer respectively, the walking stuka fires its 28cm high explosive rockets in narrow creeping barrages rather than a circular area, but these rockets have concentrated power and can demolish most civilian buildings in one well aimed volley as well as wreak havoc on large groups of infantry and cause considerable damage to light vehicles; one direct rocket hit can instantly destroy very fragile ones. This volley is particularly devastating when used on narrower bridges and crossings as there is little room to maneuver out of the strike zone. Like the Ostheer Panzerwerfer, the walking stuka enjoys light halftrack armor to provide some small arms protection and give it a better chance to escape, but is still easily killed by enemy tanks and AT guns. It also mounts a forward facing MG42 to provide minor firepower against enemy infantry.

At veterancy rank 4, the walking stuka can fire incendiary 32cm rockets at the cost of munitions. These rockets set fire to a wide circle and burn infantry and raze civilian structures in short order.

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