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Retreating from Villers-Bocage is the second mission of the Tiger Ace campaign.

Mission Description[]

After successfully halting the British 7th Armored Division "the Desert Rats", Voss orders his crew to abandon their disabled tank. The Tigergruppe must escape Villers'Bocage on foot and head back to Point 213

Mission Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

1. Escape from Villers-Bocage

Conduct a fighting withdrawal from Villers-Bocage. Voss and his crew must escape to Point 213 using one of the indicated roads.

Medal Objectves[]

1. Destroy the British Anti-Tank Emplacements

Use the Mark Artillery Reference ability to destroy the British AT Emplacements


This mission may seem intimidating, but is actually quite simple, your tank crew of five have a long list of abilities that will make your life much easier.

Important point to note: normally, your crew will move around in something akin to the British "patrol" stance, when in exposed ground, your crew will run faster and move at more normal speeds.

Picking any weapon avaiable fit for their survival, the crew search for 17 Pounder and British MG emplacement to mark with Artillery strike. If this is done, you will be able to earn medal and skip a secondary objective at the next mission.

Encountering few patrols and make a quick short-work, tagging the high valuable target with Mark Artillery Reference / Tiger Crew's Artillery Strike (Which can stack multicaptively) the crew are heading towards the exit only to be blocked by Sappers barbwire blockade and Churchill Crocodile.

From this on there are only two options, escape through the blockade or clear the first exit area of crocodiles. If taking the alternate escape route, you will encounter few British infantry section that will try to delay your exit. Breakthrough their defenses and run towards the exit while if you choose breaking through the blockade, have the artillery strike smash down the defenses and head towards the exit.


  • How to play this mission can vary a little given that it depends on where your tiger was at the end of the previous mission.
  • The Icon used on Tigregruppe Crew are Grenadiers.