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The Regular Squad, just like US Rifle Squad.are the core infantry unit for the Chinese army in Company of Heroes: Far East War.

  • 6 men in a squad.Leading by their Sergent and a private first-class


Type Zhongzheng Rifle (中正式) x6

Chinese-made Bolt action rifle, copy of the German Mauser M1924,5-round with 7.62x57mm Mauser.

The forerunner of the Karabiner 98k. Pre-production and renamed Zhongzheng Rifle started in August 1935.

Compare with it's German sibling.Zhongzheng Rifle Shorten the butt of rifle to in concert with Chinese soldiers; and added with longer version bayonet to maintain the advantage in close combat against Japanese's Arisaka 38.

With excellent design and field accuracy,some say that Zhongzheng Rifle was"The Best Rifle in Chinese Army during WWII."

Type Zhongzheng rifle

Type Zhongzheng Rifle

ZB vz.26 (捷克式) x1 (replace one Type Zhongzheng)

A Light machine gun made by Czechoslovak.gas-operated, air-cooled,with quick-detachable barrel.20-round box magazines on top part of weapon.

It's a simple weapon for Chinese soldiers, with ZB-26 Chinese Army could easily provide fire support against Japanese invaders.

Chinese Army gave this LMG a nickname called "捷克式 (Jie-Ke-Shi)" means "Czech style"

Chinese Regular Squad ZB-26

Private First-class is holding a ZB-26




Defensive Structure[]

  • Sand Bags
  • Observation Post
  • Hidden Camp (Nationalist United Route)


  • Tossing Grenades

Chinese designed and produced a grenade based on the German Model 1924. This grenade was deployed under name 'Type 23' by the National Revolutionary Army. In comparison to the Model 24, the Chinese version was shorter in length and had a smaller diameter.

Chinese grenades

Comparison between German M24 and Chinese version

Reward Unit[]

  • This Unit can be replaced by switching for Sichuan Regular Squad