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Rear Echelon Troops
Portrait Rear Echelon
Army United States Army
Role Support Infantry
Men per Squad 4
Unit Cost 200CoH2 Manpower Icon 200
5CoH2 Population Icon 5
Upkeep per Minute -7CoH2 Manpower Icon −7
Produced By Barracks
Cost to Reinforce 25CoH2 Manpower Icon 25
1CoH2 Population Icon 1
Health per Man 80Icon Health Small 80
Basic Weapon 4x M1 Carbine
Open Weapon Slots 2
Produces (6)
Icons buildings building barbwire
Razor Wire
  • Builds a fence of barbed wire, which infantry cannot pass through
  • Free
  • Takes 7 second for each laid wire
Tank Trap
  • Builds an obstacle that blocks all except the heaviest of vehicles from passing
  • Provides Cover Heavy Heavy Cover to infantry standing nearby
  • Free
  • Takes 9 seconds for each tank trap.
Fighting Position
  • Defensive Structure that can be upgraded with a heavy machine gun for 60CoH2 Munition Icon 60
  • Garrisons a single Infantry Squad and provides Cover Heavy Heavy Cover
  • Garrisoned Rear Echelon Troops gain a rifle grenade for long range bombardment
  • Has 400Icon Health Small 400 and medium resistance to small arms
  • 125CoH2 Manpower Icon 125 to build
  • Takes 16 seconds to build
Icons buildings building common munitions
Munitions Cache
  • Build on a standard owned connect flag to generate an additional 5CoH2 Munition Icon 5 per minute
  • Has 500Icon Health Small 500 and is vulnerable to small arms
  • Takes 20 seconds to build
Icons buildings building common fuel
Fuel Cache
  • Build on a standard owned connect flag to generate an additional 3CoH2 Fuel Icon 3 per minute
  • Has 500Icon Health Small 500 and is vulnerable to small arms
  • Takes 20 seconds to build
M7 Light Anti-Vehicle Mine
  • Deals 80 damage and temporarily reduces mobility
  • Costs 10CoH2 Munition Icon 10 to place
  • Takes 8 seconds to place
Abilities (4)
Icons abilities repair
  • Restores HP to any Building, Bridge, or Vehicle
  • Costs nothing
M23 Smoke Screen Grenade
  • Provides smoke cover after detonation
  • Requires Grenade Package unlock from Barracks
  • Costs 15CoH2 Munition Icon 15
Wire Cutters
  • Used to cut through barbed wire
  • Requires Hazard Removal Package
  • Costs nothing
Volley Fire
  • Targeted enemy squad is slowly suppressed over time
  • Active for 15 seconds.
  • Costs 20CoH2 Munition Icon 20
Upgrades (1)
Hazard Removal Package
  • Allows passive mine detection and removal in exchange for 1x M1 Carbine
  • Unlocks Wire Cutters
  • Costs 30CoH2 Munition Icon 30



Rear Echelon Troops are the engineer and support infantry of the United States Forces. They are immediately avaliable from the Barracks. They can build a variety of defensive structures and repair vehicles and structures for the United States Forces.


Rear Echelon squads are equipped with 4x M1 Carbines by default, with another added once the squad reaches the third veterancy level and gains another model. While they have a high rate of fire, they have low stationary accuracy and even lower moving accuracy and the squad is generally effective at close-mid range. However, against larger light armor targets, such as the OKW‘s Kubelwagen, they can deal a surprising amount of damage.

Like other US infantry, their weapon slots can be filled with any combination of BARs, Bazookas, and/or one M1919 .30 cal LMG if it is available to the chosen commander.

Equipping BARs and Bazookas can boost the anti-infantry and anti-vehicle effectiveness respectively. However, due to the poor base anti-infantry of the rear echelon troops, BARs and M1919 LMGs are not usually recommended. If you do decide to equip these weapons, though, then the suppression of their Volley Fire ability will be greatly increased, turning a normally lackluster ability into a potentially very useful one.

Because they are not generally used as main line units, Rear Echelons are often upgraded with the Hazard Removal Package and then given a Bazooka, replacing their mediocre anti-infantry capability with mine detection and passable light anti-tank capability.





Veterancy1 CoH2 Level 1 Veterancy:
  • +20% accuracy
Veterancy2 CoH2 Level 2 Veterancy:
  • +50% repair speed , -23% received accuracy, -20% weapon cooldown
Veterancy3 CoH2 Level 3 Veterancy:
  • Increases the squad's size to 5