The Royal Ordinance 17-Pounder ( now referred to as the 17Lb'r ) is possibly the most powerful , if not, one of the best anti tank guns in the current version of the game. The emplacement is unlocked for construction by the completion of a Company Command Post , and then can be build by Royal Engineers. Costing a meaty 400 manpower , 75 fuel and takes up 14 population slots.


As the name implies , the 17Lb'r AT gun comes as an immobile emplacement , very similar to the Wehrmacht's PaK 43 88mm AT gun emplacement. The gun is able to rotate 360 degrees around within its emplacement. Unlike the PaK 43, the 17-Lb'r is a structure with crew that cannot be picked off; the only way to disable it is to destroy it completely.

Sir Polet's AbilityEdit

Sir Polet has the ability to win the Game with this and other artilleries, even with a weak portable tablet-pc <????>

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