Panzerwerfer Rocket Icon COH2 Ostheer.png
Panzerwerfer 42 Multiple Rocket Launcher
Panzerwerfer Rocket picture COH2 Ostheer.png
Role Half-track multiple rocket launcher
Unit Cost 360 360
85 85
12 12
Upkeep per Minute -18 -18
Produced By Heavy Panzer Korps
Primary armament 15cm Nebelwerfer 42
Secondary armament 1x 7.92mm MG 42
Health 160 160
Armor Front: 20
Rear: 10
Max. Speed 6.8m p/s

The Panzerwerfer 42 mounts a ten-tube 15cm Nebelwerfer launcher on an armored half-track chassis. The saturation barrage is deadly against infantry and other light targets.

Barrage weapon. Effective against static targets. Fire and relocate.

Compared to the Katyusha Rocket Truck, the Soviet counterpart, the Panzerwerfer fires only 10 rockets per salvo. However, this fragile unit enjoys halftrack armor to allow it to withstand some bullet fire and giving a slightly better chance to escape from the enemy. The panzerwerfer also sports a forward facing MG42 to defend against infantry.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Panzerwerfer Rocket Barrage COH2 Ostheer.png 15cm Rocket Barrage[edit | edit source]

  • Activation: Select Area
  • Cooldown: ? seconds

The Panzerwerfer fires 10 15cm rockets in a wide area. While it doesn't have the destructive power of the BM-13 Katyusha rocket volley, it makes up for causing suppression to infantry in the area, potentially even pinning them.

Ability Counter Barrage Mortar COH2 Ostheer.gif Counter Battery[edit | edit source]

  • Activation: Toggle Ability
  • Cooldown: ? seconds (also cooldown time between toggle?)

Info here. Need info on being immobile and disablement of other barrages.

Ability Panzer Tactician COH2 Ostheer.png Panzer Tactician[edit | edit source]

The Panzer Tactician ability comes with quite some commanders and is automatically unlocked on (almost) all vehicles when the necessary command points are reached. Smoke can be a powerful tool, especially in defensive manoeuvres. One of the great strengths of this ability is that it doesn't need a lot of micro like the Mortar or the USF Sherman. When your vehicle is in danger, press the button and for eight seconds the vehicle will spew smoke out of its canisters and conceal your vehicle immediately. This can often mean the difference between life and death of the expensive and vulnerable Panzerwerfer.

Activation of this ability does not interrupt any move commands, so use it when the time is just right. Be aware that enemy guns can still use the attack-ground command and fire through the smoke. If the terrain is flat and the path of your vehicle doesn't change, enemy guns can still deliver the final blow to your vehicle this way.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Spotting Scopes COH2 Ostheer.png Spotting Scopes[edit | edit source]

Two Commanders provide the the Wehrmacht Ostheer player with Spotting Scopes. The upgrade arrives in the mid-game at 5 Command Points, where your light vehicles (if kept alive) and the first tanks can start to profit from the extra sight radius it gives. The scopes doubles the sight radius on the vehicle that upgrades them.

Keep in mind that the scopes only grant extra vision when the vehicle is stationary. It can't even rotate in place, so try to support your vehicles that have a fixed turret.

Although the scopes are a fantastic way to see enemies early, be careful with your Panzerwerfer. It is extremely fragile and easily killed, though not quite as easily as the Katyusha rocket truck. Because of this, your Panzerwerfer should be behind your lines or even in your base when it's not firing. It is up to you to decide if it's a good investment to upgrade the scoped on this vehicle.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Like the Russian Katyusha, the Panzerwerfer 42 is best used to fire volleys from behind your lines. Infantry groups are good targets for the Panzerwerfer because the rockets cause suppression upon impact. The very fragile Panzerwerfer is equipped with a forward facing MG42 and has some halftrack armor and while it can deflect some small arms fire, you should still keep it away from direct contact as a direct tank shell hit could still instantly kill it. Should your Panzerwerfer be threatened and you have the proper doctrine, use Panzer Tactician to create a smoke cloud to give the expensive vehicle a better chance to escape.

Veterancy[edit | edit source]

Veterancy1 CoH2.png Level 1 Veterancy:
  • Unlocks the 'Counter Barrage' ability
Veterancy2 CoH2.png Level 2 Veterancy:
  • -20% scatter
  • -40% barrage recharge
Veterancy3 CoH2.png Level 3 Veterancy:
  • +33% range
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