Okw pzfusilier portrait
Army Oberkommando West
Men per Squad 6
Received Accuracy 100%
Production Cost 290Icon Manpower Small.png 290 7Icon PopCap Small.png 7
Reinforce Cost ?Icon Manpower Small.png ?


Panzerfüsilier are the light infantry units of the Oberkommando West's Breakthough Doctrine in Company of Heroes 2. As a 6 men squad, they're resilient to damage and can hold out against other infantry squads with ease. Panzerfusiliers can be upgraded with a G43 package with increases the squad damage output and sight range. Unlike other OKW infantry units, Panzerfusiliers does not gain a passive healing with veterancy, therefore care should be put when using these units.


A Panzerfüsilier squad is initially armed with 6x Kar98k bolt-action rifles. The G43 package upgrade provides 3x G43 semi-automatic rifles, greatly increasing the squad damage and sight range. Unlike most other weapon upgrades, the G43 improve the squad damage across the board without drawback.


AT Grenade - Fires a weak AT rifle grenade. It deals less damage than a Panzerfaust or Panzerschreck, but the main purpose of this ability is to slow down enemy tanks with critical engine damage so your main AT weapons can deal with the armor more easily.


G43 package - Replaces three k98 rifles with G43s and increasing sight range, making the füsiliers a great reconnaisance unit which surpasses their american counterpart, the pathfinders.


Veterancy 1 - Unlocks the 'Flare' ability

Veterancy 2 - +40% accuracy, +25% grenade and flare range

Veterancy 3 - -20% weapon cooldown, -25% grenade and flare recharge, -23% received accuracy

Veterancy 4 - +20% accuracy

Veterancy 5 - Passive sprint