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Panzer II "Luchs" Light Tank
OKW Panzer II Luch Portrait
Role Light tank
Unit Cost 265Icon Manpower Small 265
60Icon Fuel Small 60
6Icon PopCap Small 6
Upkeep per Minute 12Icon Manpower Small 12
Produced By Mechanized assault group
Primary armament 2cm main gun
Secondary armament 7.92mm MG 34
Health 260
Armor Light-Medium

Panzer II "Luchs" is a German light tank unit featured in Company of Heroes 2 for the OKW.


The Panzer II "Luchs" Light Tank is the basic light tank for the OKW. Armed with a rapid fire 2cm cannon, it is effective against infantry and is good at pursuing retreating units but is no match for medium tanks and will lose to most other light tanks on a one to one fight. Generally considered the second-worst light tank in the game, next to the SdKfz 222 Scout Car, but still a necessary addition to the Oberkommando.


Early game[]

The Panzer II gives the OKW some badly needed bang for the buck and is an ideal early game rushing unit, it can be used to dominate infantry, its speed allows it to follow and wipe squads and to react to the enemy if they attack somewhere you weren't expecting. It can work well with Kubelwagens: the Panzer II clears out the area while Kubelwagen secures territory points. Watch out for AT guns as the Panzer II won't last long from them unless flanking. Even infantry AT weapons can be a significant threat and anti-tank snares from British Tank Hunters, USF Riflemen, or Soviet Conscripts can leave this tank easy prey for other dedicated AT units.

Late game[]

Later game the panzer II can still find use, its reconnaissance role can help spot enemy defenses and react to enemy infantry attacks, but beware of any enemy tank, the 2cm cannon has poor penetration value, even against light tanks. You can sometimes flank a SU-76 and you can penetrate it easy without having to deal with its gun but be wary of any supporting units and the SU-76 turning to bring its gun to bear. Like other light tanks, the Panzer II cannot hope to stand toe to toe with medium tanks or heavy armor.