Pak 40 7.5cm Anti-tank Gun Icon COH2 Ostheer
Pak 40 7.5cm Anti-tank Gun
Pak 40 7.5cm Anti-tank Gun picture COH2 Ostheer

7,5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 40
Role Anti-tank gun
Men per Squad 4
Unit Cost 320Icon Manpower COH2 Small.png 320
9Icon PopCap COH2 Small.png 9
Upkeep per Minute -13Icon Manpower COH2 Small.png -13
Produced By Leichte Mechanized Kompanie
Cost to Reinforce 22Icon Manpower Small.png 22
1Icon PopCap COH2 Small.png 1
Health per Man 80Icon Health Small.png 80
Basic Weapon 1x 7.5 cm Pak 40
2x MP40
Max. Speed 3 m/s

One of the most effective weapons of its kind, a high rate of fire, accuracy, and excellent penetration make every vehicle on the battlefield vulnerable to the 7.5cm Pak 40.

Effective against light vehicles, medium tanks, assault guns.

The Pak 40 is considered one of the best mobile non-doctrinal Anti-Tank gun in the game for its purpose. While it has the same cost as the ZiS-3 76mm field gun, the Soviet counterpart, it has a shorter reload time, better penetration power and better accuracy, posing a significant threat to even heavy tanks. With veterancy, the Pak 40 can fire a shot to stun a hostile vehicle.

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