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Operation Barbarossa is a set of Theater of War missions for Company of Heroes 2. Comprised of scripted Co-op Scenarios and Solo Challenges, and also Co-op and Single player AI battles that play like Skirmishes.

Special Conditions[]

Since the campaign is set in 1941, this makes a lot of usual equipment unavailable for use for especially the Ostheer. For instance, the usual Panzer IV Medium Tank is unavailable and instead the early war Panzer IV Ausf F1 can be used. Similarly, the usual StuG III Ausf.G has been replaced with an earlier variant the StuG III Ausf. E. This also affects other units like Panzergrenadiers which have MP40s instead of Stg 44s and Panzerbüchse 39 AT rifles instead of access to Panzerschreck upgrade. There are numerous changes like this that makes playing the factions different to Multiplayer Skirmishes.

Red Army 1941[]

The Red Army has numerous changes to the default Soviets faction found in multiplayer.

Regimental Field Headquarters[]

  • Both Combat Engineers and Conscripts are available.

Special Rifle Company[]

  • Scout Sniper, M3A1 Scout Car and Penal Battalion are unchanged.

Support Weapon Kampaneya[]

  • Maxim Heavy Machine Gun, PM-41 82mm Mortar, ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Field Gun are unchanged.
  • The ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Field Gun first appears in 1942, making it out of place. Instead the 76 mm divisional gun M1939 (USV) should be in it's place.

Tankoviy Battalion Command[]

  • The M5 Half-track has been replaced by the ZiS-6 Transport Truck (120CoH2 Manpower Icon 120, 20CoH2 Fuel Icon 20, 3CoH2 Population Icon 3).
  • The T-70 remains available. Which is out of place since the T-70 first appeared in 1942, instead the T-50 or more numerous T-60 should be available.
  • the SU-76 is unavailable.
  • The KV-1 Heavy Tank (600CoH2 Manpower Icon 600, 75CoH2 Fuel Icon 75, 14CoH2 Population Icon 14) is available as the Red Army's Heavy Tank.

Mechanized Armor Kampaneya[]

  • Both the BM-13 Katyusha and T-34/76 are available.
  • The SU-85 isn't available.

Wehrmacht 1941[]

There is no Phase 3 or Heavy Panzer Korps.


  • Pioneers, MG42s and Panzergrenadiers are available.
  • The MG42 is out of place, since these take place in 1941 instead the MG34 should be available.
  • Panzergrenadiers are very different too, they carry MP40 submachine guns instead of Stg44 Assault Rifles and the Panzerbüchse 39 AT rifles instead of the Panzerschreck.

Infanterie Kompanie[]

  • Grenadiers, Mortars and Snipers are all available.
  • Grenadiers instead of the Panzerfaust have a longer ranged anti-tank grenade.

Leichte Support Kompanie[]

  • The Sdkfz 251, Sdkfz 222 and Pak 40 are all available and unchanged.
  • The 7.5cm Pak 40 is actually out of place, since they first started being introduced in 1942. Instead the earlier 5 cm Pak 38 should appear in Operation Barbarossa 1941.

Support Armoured Korps[]

  • Panzer IV Ausf F1 replaces the Panzer IV G for 480CoH2 Manpower Icon 480, 120CoH2 Fuel Icon 120, 12CoH2 Population Icon 12
  • StuG III Ausf. E replaces the StuG Ausf.G Assault Gun for 320CoH2 Manpower Icon 320, 25CoH2 Fuel Icon 25, 8CoH2 Population Icon 8.
  • There is no Flakpanzer IV "Ostwind" replacement.


Co-op Scenarios[]

  • Brody Tank War (Soviet)
  • General Winter (Soviet)
  • Faceoff at Rostov (Ostheer)
  • Encirclement at Smolensk (Ostheer)

Solo Challenges[]

  • Cold Winter (Soviet)
  • Indirect Fire (Soviet)
  • Winter Defense (Soviet)
  • Blitzkrieg (Ostheer)
  • Officer Assassination (Ostheer)
  • Schildkroteberg (Ostheer)

Solo AI Battle[]

  • Pripyat River (Soviet)

Co-op AI Battle[]

  • Minsk (Soviet)
  • Moscow Approach (Soviet)
  • Moscow Lines (Soviet)
  • The Crimea (Ostheer)
  • First Kharkov (Ostheer)
  • Leningrad Approach (Ostheer)
  • Oka River (Ostheer)