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The Obersoldaten are the veteran elite infantry of the Oberkommando West faction In Company of Heroes 2. They can be built at the Schwerer Panzer HQ. They are devastating against other infantry at long range but have no anti-armour capabilities, unless they happen to pick up an anti-tank weapon on the field. They form a four man squad and are fairly resistant to damage compared to most other infantry units. They can also booby-trap territory points to punish capturing enemy infantry.



The obersoldaten squad is armed with 4x Kar98K bolt-action rifles. These rifles are effective against infantry at long range. They can also be upgraded to use MG34 (or infrared StG44 with SpecOps Doctrine).


Bundle Grenades - Order the Obersoldaten to throw a powerful grenade bundle consisting of 5 M24 grenades tied to one handle. It is significantly more powerful than a regular grenade, and when used correctly can eliminate infantry with ease and even cause damage to light vehicles.

Booby Trap Territory Point - The Obersoldaten set up a booby trap on a friendly territory point that is in supply for 50 munitions. The trap is triggered by enemy units capturing the point; an explosive charge is detonated under them, damaging nearby units as well.