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The Motorcycle (MBike) is an early Wehrmacht recon unit with great sight range, medium firepower against infantry and lightly armored. MBike's are primarily used for hunting down enemy snipers, they do high damage to snipers and have great mobility combined with fast speed which is excellent for running down snipers out in the open or chasing snipers back while retreating to a HQ.

Motorcycle's can also be used in regular combat for infantry support, they are valuable in infantry wars since enemy units without an assigned target will automatically fire on the motorcycle so instead of reinforcing lost soldiers that costs a lot of Manpower, the mbike can simply be repaired back to full health. Use the motorcycle to save flanked MG42's from riflemen, kill Snipers, support Volksgrenadiers in combat or hunt down enemy engineers capturing strategic points.


Fast and mobile, the R75 motorcycle is an ideal vehicle for providing reconnaissance, but can also prove useful as a mobile attack vehicle thanks to its sidecar-mounted MG42 light machine gun.


Axis motorcycle


Role Scouting
Weapons MG42 light machine gun
Requirements Wehrmacht Quarter
Unit Costs
Manpower Munitions Fuel Pop Cap
180 0 0 2


  • Excellent unit for scouting enemy positions, as well as taking out those pesky snipers.
  • Can be used as a spotter for snipers, allowing them to shoot further than their fog of war.