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Just like American Mortar Team. Mortar Team for short, is a 3-man light artillery infantry squad. With its long range and explosive shells, the Mortar Team can provide support fire for offensive operations, fielded by the Nationalist army in Company of Heroes : Far East War.

Not like MG Squad with strong engaging fire, Mortar team can't survive under close enemy fire. Additionally, it can also cause damage to enemy light Vehicles, Squad can also use Smoke Shells to covert friendly area from enemy sight.

  • 3 men in a squad


Type 31 60mm Mortar (三一式) x1

Chinese-made Mortar, copy version of the French Brandt 1935. Which is prototype of US M2 60mm Mortar.

This weapon has been producted for a great amount. Requiring heavy fire power, Chinese used heavy shells that cause the shorten range than M2.

Type 31 mortar

Type 31 60mm Mortars

Type Zhongzheng Rifle (中正式) x1

Chinese-made Bolt action rifle, copy of the German Mauser M1924,5-round with 7.62x57mm Mauser.

The forerunner of the Karabiner 98k. Pre-production and renamed Zhongzheng Rifle started in August 1935.

Compare with it's German sibling.Zhongzheng Rifle Shorten the butt of rifle to in concert with Chinese soldiers; and added with longer version bayonet to maintain the advantage in close combat against Japanese's Arisaka 38.

With excellent design and field accuracy,some say that Zhongzheng Rifle was"The Best Rifle in Chinese Army during WWII."

Type Zhongzheng rifle

Type Zhongzheng


  • 60 mm bombard (Cost : Free / Cool Down : 30 sec)

Squad will fire rapidly for 4 shells to target.

  • Smoke Barrage (Cost : Free / Cool Down : 30 sec)

Squad will fire a smoke shell to target.Smoke can spread large to cover area.

Rewards Units[]

  • This Unit can be replaced by switching for Sichuan Mortar Squad