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Mechanized Grenadiers Group Icon COH2 Ostheer
Mechanized Grenadiers Group
Mechanized Grenadiers Group picture COH2 Ostheer

Grenadiers engaging enemies from inside the half-track
Role Infantry fighting vehicle
Unit Cost 500CoH2 Manpower Icon 500 14CoH2 Population Icon 14
30CoH2 Fuel Icon 30
Upkeep per Minute -19CoH2 Manpower Icon −19
Prereq. German Mechanized Doctrine
Produced By Call-in
Can Be Loaded With 1 infantry squad
Health 240Icon Health Small 240
Armor Front: 11
Rear: 5.5
Max. Speed 7.2m p/s

The SdKfz 250 Half-track is a fast moving light vehicle that can garrison one squad of infantry. The units stationed inside can fire out of the Half-track while benefiting from its protection.

Carries troops across forbidding battlefields, protecting against small arms and weather exposure.