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M5 Half-track Transport
A M5 Half-Track
Army Soviet Army
Role Medium Infantry Transport Vehicle
Unit Cost 270CoH2 Manpower Icon 270
30CoH2 Fuel Icon 30
5CoH2 Population Icon 5
Upkeep per Minute 7.5CoH2 Manpower Icon 7.5
Prereq. None
Produced By Tankoviy Battalion Command
Primary armament .50cal Machine Gun
Primary armament damage 12
Primary armament penetration 1.75 (near)
1.25 (far)
Firing Range 45
Sight Range 35
Can Be Loaded With Up to 2 squads of Infantry
Health 320Icon Health Small 320
Armor 28.5 (front)
20 (rear)
Max. Speed 7 m/s
Abilities (1)
M5OverdriveCoH2 Overdrive
  • Increases maneuverability
  • Decreases chance to be hit
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Costs 10CoH2 Munition Icon 10
Upgrades (1)
M5AntiAircraftUpgrade Anti-air package
  • Adds four .50cal machine guns
  • Loses transport capability
  • Can target aircraft
  • Costs 90CoH2 Munition Icon 90

The M5 Half-track is a lend-lease provision to the Soviet Union. The open-topped M5 is spacious enough to carry two squads, and its .50cal machine gun provides good firepower. Transports infantry. Transported troops can fire out of the M5. Light armor is easily penetrated.

The M5 Half-Track is a medium vehicle, available for the Soviet Union in Company of Heroes 2. Its main task is support of infantry through transport and reinforcing on the battlefield. Although initially lightly armored and armed, it can be equipped with anti-aircraft system, which allows it to effectively fight with enemy infantry, light vehicles and planes.


A powerful anti infantry half-track which can be upgraded with an AA gun. However it cannot pierce armor of tanks and other heavy vehicles. Very weak against anti-tank weaponry due to light armor but is fairly resistant to HMGs, light machine guns and rifles.


The M5 has a single .50 cal heavy machine gun on top that can fire in a wide arc to the front. It deals good damage against infantry at a long range, but will not suppress. It can barely damage light vehicles, and cannot hurt tanks at all.

This changes with the Anti-air Package however, gaining quad .50 cals in a turret mount that can turn 360 degrees. It now deals incredibly high damage to infantry, as well as suppression, and can seriously threaten light vehicles.

Troop Transportation and Reinforcement[]

In addition to its offensive capabilities, the M5 Half-track Transport is a transportation and reinforcement vehicle. You may load up to two infantry squads. Garrisoned infantry are protected from cold weather, and can fire out of the vehicle. If the halftrack is used as a mobile platform for firing special weapons like flamethrowers and anti-tank rifles, it is recommended to only load one squad, because two will seem to be unable to fire with their special weapons but one will always guarantee priority for the wielders of said weapons. Squads can also be reinforced from the half-track. With the 2020 patch, the halftrack now also heals infantry inside it when out of combat like the Ostheer's Half-track, furthering its role as a support vehicle.


M5OverdriveCoH2 Overdrive[]

  • Costs 10CoH2 Munition Icon 10
  • Requires veterancy 1
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Activation: Immediate

This ability increases the maneuverability of the vehicle and decreases its chance of being hit.


M5AntiAircraftUpgrade Anti-Air package[]

  • Costs 90CoH2 Munition Icon 90
  • Takes 30 seconds to upgrade.

Known affectionately as the 'Meat Chopper', the four .50-cal machine guns are also effective against aircraft. Improves anti-infantry and anti-air capabilities. Can no longer transport soldiers.

This upgrade turns the M5 Transport Halftrack into the M17 Anti-Air Halftrack, making it deadly to both infantry caught out in the open and enemy aircraft. It's ability to easily suppress infantry at range makes it somewhat superior to the Ostheer's Flammen Halftrack.


At each veterancy level, the M5 Half-Track Transport gains a specific set of bonuses. These bonuses are cumulative to each other:

Veterancy1 CoH2 Level 1 Veterancy:
  • "Overdrive" ability unlocked.
Veterancy2 CoH2 Level 2 Veterancy:
  • +20% reinforcement range.
  • +20% maximum speed.
  • +20% rotation speed.
  • +20% acceleration and deceleration
Veterancy3 CoH2 Level 3 Veterancy:
  • +30% sight range.
  • +20% reinforcement range.
  • -20% weapon cooldown.


If the player plans to use the M5 halftrack with the Anti-air package, it should stay just behind the battle line, creating an infantry killzone as big as its effective range. Any approaching German infantry will be suppressed and killed very quickly, allowing the Soviet player room to maneuver. In a pinch, it can also be used to kill MG teams holed up in buildings due to its high damage and rate of fire.

Since upgrading the halftrack removes its ability to carry and reinforce infantry, as well as costing a huge amount of munitions, the more common tactic is to put a squad with special weapons inside so they can fire from the open top. Combat Engineers are a natural choice for this, due to their flamethrower and repairing ability, as well as very few other Soviet squads being able to take special weapons, unless a Panzershreck or MG42 is stolen from the Germans. Because of the flamethrower's short range, however, the halftrack can easily be hit with a Panzerfaust if it goes close enough for the engineers to flame, so this method must be used with caution.


The M5 Half-Track has decent health and armor to take a hit or two and is fast enough to run away from most threats, but as a light vehicle, a single Panzerfaust will destroy its engine and seal its fate. Panzers can also chase it down, with the autocannon-armed Sdkfz.222 and Luchs being especially deadly to it. It if is destroyed, any transported squads will be heavily damaged and depleted, or simply die altogether. Because of the reinforcements it gives, it is often the first target of German antitank weaponry.