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M18 Hellcat
Al hellcat large
Army American
Role Tank destroyer
Unit Cost 300Icon Manpower Small 300
55Icon Fuel Small 55
6Icon PopCap Small 6
Upkeep per Minute -10.36Icon Manpower Small −10.36
Prereq. None
Produced By Tank Depot
Primary armament M1 76mm tank gun
Secondary armament M2HB .50 caliber machine-gun (upgrade)
Health 400Icon Health Small 400
Armor Medium
Max. Speed 7.2 m/s
Abilities (2)
Ambush Lockdown Abilityv2
Ambush Lockdown
  • Camouflages the selected tank, giving it a first-strike damage bonus, at the cost of being immobile.
  • Has no cooldown and can be toggled as long as the unit doesn't move.

Ability Disable Free-Fire
Hold Fire
  • Holds fire and will only fire when ordered; can also be toggled to fire at will; only appears when Ambush Lockdown is active.
Upgrades (1)
Upgrade M2HB 50 Cal Machine Gun Sherman
M2HB .50 caliber machine gun
  • Adds a gunner to man the pintle-mounted .50 caliber machine gun, gives it anti-infantry capability.
  • Costs 75Icon Munitions Small 75 to install.

The 76 mm Gun Motor Carriage (G.M.C.) M18, or the M18 Hellcat, is a reward vehicle for Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, replacing the M10 Tank Destroyer.


It is also a tank destroyer armed with a M1A1C 76mm gun assembly by default, however this version is not as effective as the M4 Sherman's, albeit it is more effective than the unupgraded gun. Compared to the M10, it has a less penetrative gun in exchange for greater speed. Un-upgraded, it has little defense against infantry, but it can be upgraded by having personnel inside the turret man the M2HB .50 caliber machine-gun. All these make it an effective spearhead against tanks and infantry, in conjunction with the tried-and-tested M4 Sherman. Simply put, it is a more general purpose tank destroyer than the M10.

It also has one bonus that the M10 doesn't have: camouflage. When stationary and not in Cover Negative Negative Cover, it can be set up to camouflage itself, giving it a 50% damage and armor penetration bonus and first-strike capabilities.


As an American unit, the M18 Hellcat can gain three levels of Veterancy. Each level brings its own specific benefits, increasing the unit's combat potential and/or survivability.


At each Veterancy level, the M18 Hellcat gains a specific set of bonuses as listed below. These bonuses are cumulative with each other.

No Veterancy:
  • Unit is at normal combat efficiency.
Level 1 Veterancy:
  • Maximum Speed increased by 25% (to 9 m/s)
Level 2 Veterancy:
Level 3 Veterancy:
  • +25% weapon damage


This tank destroyer can act like the German's ambush tank destroyer, the Hetzer. It can camouflage, allowing it to ambush incoming armor and giving it a first-strike bonus. Use this ability when on the defensive, as it cannot move while in this state, or camouflage them at the back of the assault force, slowly pushing back any resistance with their damage bonus. Because of their armor, they are capable of deflecting small arms and machine gun fire, and can push through any lightly armed infantry and partially filling the M4 Sherman's frontline role in combat. To increase its survivability, have it escorted by Engineers to repair it on the field, or use the Field Repairs ability when using the Armor Company Commander.

Remember to have it upgraded to defend itself against incoming infantry - it is the only type of tank destroyer in the American arsenal that has this sort of defense, so use it. But keep in mind that it cannot make pushes on its own; it trades firepower for speed, meaning it has less armor-piercing capabilities than the M10, and must be supported.

Comparison with the M10 Tank Destroyer[]

In terms of speed and versatility, it wins hands down compared to the M10 Tank Destroyer, as it can maneuver, pursue vehicles, and engage infantry with its machine gun. This, in conjunction with M4 Sherman tanks, can provide a spearhead for an assault. It can also provide defense by camouflaging itself, increasing its first-strike damage against enemy tanks while camouflaged.

The M10, on the other hand, is a dedicated tank destroyer. It can reliably penetrate the frontal armor of nearly any panzer it encounters, but at the cost of having less speed than the M18, and lacking a machine gun. The M10 also inexplicably has a 27% damage penalty against the Hetzer.

This makes the M18 a jack-of-all-trades tank destroyer, capable of dealing with tanks and killing infantry, and can even ambush targets with its camouflage. With this ability, it is more of a flanking and ambush vehicle, while an M10 is more directly effective against armor.

Additionally, the 76mm gun of the M18 does not suffer from the infamous misfire bug of the 3 inch cannon on the M10, allowing the M18 to flank freely.


Unlike the M10 Tank Destroyer, it has less armor penetration, sacrificing this trait with its speed and anti-infantry defense. Because of its slightly bulkier design, it is also more likely to get hit by incoming fire. Just like any other tanks, it is susceptible to Mines, anti-tank guns, rockets, and artillery.


- after destroying enemy unit

"Happy as a turtle in mud!"



  • For much of its initial release, the M18 Hellcat was a slower vehicle than the M10, with even worse armor penetration on its cannon. In exchange, its ambush ability improved its damage and armor penetration even more than in the current version.
    • It was also falsely advertised as being better armored than the M10, but actually shared identical health and armor type. This was not changed with later patches.


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