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"Wolverine, move it out!"

The M10 Tank Destroyer or the M10 Wolverine is an Allied heavy vehicle unit that is featured in Company of Heroes.

Game Info

The M10 Tank Destroyer or 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage(GMC) M10 was the United States tank destroyer of World War II. Also known as the Wolverine by the British, the M10 Tank Destroyer was designed to fulfill the role of anti-tank warfare. Built from a Sherman chassis, the M10 Tank Destroyer was armed with a 3"(76.2mm) M7 gun on an open-topped turret and was designed to counter the German Bliztkrieg force. The M10 Tank Destroyer was one of the most important US tank destroyers during World War II, being a successful anti-tank vehicle throughout the war.

The M10 Tank Destroyer featured in the game was armed with the 76.2mm M7 gun on an open-topped turret, but without a secondary armament. The M10 Tank Destroyer is an important factor to the Allies, as it was one of the few weapons viable for combating the German panzers. The M10 Tank Destroyer is fast and agile, second to the Cromwell Tank, able to maneuver around the battlefield quickly. It utilized speed to both flank the sluggish German panzers and attack their side or rear. However, to maintain its speed there is a trade-off with armour, having reduced protection.

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The M10 Tank Destroyer is a powerful anti-tank vehicle, the 76.2mm M7 gun is formidable to panzers such as the StuG IV, SdKfz 234 Armoured Car, Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank and Panzer IV. Even the Panther and the heavily armoured Tiger and King Tiger will have problems when facing the M10 Tank Destroyer. Since it has poor protection it is not advisable to use as a spearhead vehicle, instead use infantry or M4A3 Sherman for frontline combat while the M10 Tank Destroyer provides anti-tank fire support. Some prefer to build the M10 Tank Destroyer in large numbers because it is cheaper than the M4A3 Sherman, and in large formations the M10 Tank Destroyer can overwhelm the enemies and secure victory for the Allies. Because it is cost-efficient many prefer it as the first heavy vehicle to be deployed to the frontline. Supported by infantry or if providing support to infantry and tanks, it can yield desirable results.


Role Tank Destroyer
Weapons M7 3" (76.2 mm) Gun
Requirement Tank Depot
Unit Costs
Manpower Munitions Fuel Pop Cap
300 0 55 6

Combat History (Campaign)

The M10 Tank Destroyer was first fielded by the Allies in Hébécrevon during Operation Cobra. Badly hammered, the shattered Panzer Lehr division was force to retreat to Hébécrevon where they were pursued by Able Company. Able Company was tasked to wipe out the Panzer Lehr's last surviving 7 Panther tanks. M10 Tank Destroyers played a key role in this mission. While infantry and tanks flushed the Panther from its hideout, the M10 Tank Destroyer flanked it and destroyed the Panther. M10 Tank Destroyers continued to be deployed, replacing the M4A3 Sherman in the anti-tank role. In Operation Luttich, during the mission Hill 317: Dawn, Able Company managed to hold the hill until dawn, when reinforcements arrived to relieve them. Among the reinforcements is a M10 Tank Destroyer. During Falaise Pocket, the M10 Tank Destroyer was used to destroy Captain Schultz's Panzer Gruppe and the Tiger Ace tank he drove. The M10 Tank Destroyer, along with other tanks and infantry, managed to secure the bridge around Chambois and stop the Tiger tanks from reopening it.


Although it packs a powerful punch, it sacrifices protection for speed and mobility. The M10 Tank Destroyer is lightly armored so it can not take a lot of punishment like the M4A3 Sherman, and anti-tank guns like the Marder III can knock it out quickly. The tank destroyer itself can carry only the primary armament and does not have any secondary armament, meaning that attacking infantry will never suffer suppressive fire. Infantry equipped with Panzerschrecks such as the Stormtrooper Squad, Grenadier Squad, and Panzer Grenadier can easily blow the tank destroyer into pieces. The M10 Tank Destroyer should never be deployed alone. Heavier vehicles like the Tiger, King Tiger, and Jagdpanther, with their 88mm gun, are more than capable of taking out these lightly armored vehicles.

Despite its poor protection, it is one of the heavy vehicles that will be frequently built by Allies Commanders in multiplayer mode because it is cheaper than an M4A3 Sherman. The M10 Tank Destroyer is heavily used by many Allies Commanders. With their powerful guns they are very hazardous to panzers and will prioritize them as targets. A notable counter would be groups of Stormtrooper Squads/Panzer Grenadiers with the panzershreck upgrade or the deployment of AT guns.

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A M10 Wolverine in combat.

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