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The Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine focuses on the ground units and fortifications for anti-air defenses and Tank traps for blocking enemy vehicles.Fallschirmjägers can be deployed from any ambiemt building and cut enemy supply lines to really annoy them.Valiant Assault will inspire your infantry to attack more effectively.Finally,Airborne Assault will call in Stukas to suppress and pin enemy troops while a squad of Fallschirmjäger can be deployed to that sector Abilities :

  • 1CP-MG34 Heavy Machine Gun Team

A MG34 Heavy Machine Gun Team can be deployed to the battlefield.This waepon is effective at suppressing massed infantry.

  • 2CP-Heavy Fortifications

Sturmpioneers can construct Tank Traps,Flak Emplacements and Trenches.

  • 3CP-Fallschirmjäger

Fallschirmjäger can be deployed to the battlefied.These elite infantry units are excellent against infantry at all ranges.