AT Halftrack 01

Two AT Half-tracks attacking.

The Light AT Half-track is a Panzer Elite unit in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.


"Go ahead sir, ready for orders."

Half-tracks are very common in the Axis forces, and in the Panzer Elite, they are a mainstay of their forces and are modified to suit different roles in the battlefield. One modification of it is the replacement of its MG34 machine guns with a 37mm anti-tank gun. This gives the Panzer Elite a highly mobile tank destroyer, at the cost of armor and anti-infantry capabilities that most tanks have. This 37mm gun is a pre-war Pak 36; it was a useless piece of equipment against tanks, but as time went by and the Germans actively upgraded their shells with tungsten-cored armor-piercing shells. Eventually, this was also upgraded to shaped-charged warheads, enabling the half-track to engage and destroy tanks.

It is cheap for its purpose; masses of these can halt an armored advance and destroy them.

It is fast, just like any other medium vehicle. This mobility lets them move out of the firing line of an enemy tank or move to another vantage point to hunt down vehicles. Although it cannot fire while on the move, it has abilities that tanks lack. The gun crew also has the skill to aim at a an incoming vehicle's treads, wheels or engine, immobilizing it completely, making them vulnerable to more anti-tank fire unless there are units repairing the immobilized vehicle. Although it lacks any sort of defense against infantry, the gun crew has managed to circumvent this to a degree with their skill - they can fire at infantry using the tank gun itself. They are so skilled at it that they can fire at moving infantry without any difficulty.


Role: Light Tank Destroyer
Primary Armament: 37mm L/45 Pak 36
Secondary Armament: None
Production Structure: Panzer-Support Kommand

Manpower: 260
Munitions: 0
Fuel: 15
Population Cap: 6


The half-track is lightly armored and is extremely vulnerable to heavy tank fire and artillery and can be harmed by light to medium tank fire. AT guns can disable this half-track quickly.

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