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Lieutenant is the platoon commander of the Platoon Command Post (Tier 2) for the US Forces. "The Lieutenant and his command squad are effective infantry and heavily armed. Gains veterancy from nearby allies. Effective at medium range vs infantry. " A five man squad, equipped with four M1 Garand rifles and one Thompson submachine gun, the Lieutenant is more effective at close range than the Rifleman Squad. The unit gains veterancy from nearby allied units and can be upgraded with one M9 Bazooka for early anti-vehicle capability. The Lieutenant squad can also pick up the Bazooka or the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) at the weapons rack, once researched. The unit upgrade is limited to one Bazooka, however the unit is able to replace two M1 Garand rifles by upgrading to a Bazooka and picking up another weapon or skipping the upgrade and simply picking up other weapons. Finally, the Lieutenant can utilize frag grenades and smoke grenades once the weapons rack is researched at the Barracks building.

Role Command Squad
Men per Squad 5
Unit Cost 280Icon Manpower Small 280
8Icon PopCap Small 8
Upkeep per Minute -12Icon Manpower Small −12
Prereq. None
Produced By Platoon Command Post (Tier 2)
Cost to Reinforce 28Icon Manpower Small 28
1Icon PopCap Small 1
Health per Man 80Icon Health Small 80
Infantry Type Infantry
Basic Weapon 4x M1 Garand Rifle and 1x Thompson SMG
Open Weapon Slots 2
Abilities (2)
Mk 2 Frag Grenade
  • Standard issue Mk 2 fragmentation grenade often referred to as the "pineapple" grenade can kill or injure infantry in a 4m radius.
  • Left-click ability, left-click target area. Effective against Infantry and Team Weapons
  • Requires Grenade package (at Barracks).
  • Costs 30Icon Munitions Small 30.

M23 Smoke Screen Grenade

  • Fires a rifle grenade smoke round that creates a line of smoke in the target direction. Any vehicles hit by the grenade will be temporarily blinded and slowed.
  • Left-click ability, left-click target area.
  • Requires Grenade package.
  • Costs 15Icon Munitions Small 15.

Veterancy Rank 1
  • Combat experience increasing the unit's survivability.
Veterancy Rank 2
  • Combat expertise increase squad survivability and weapon control while under fire.

Veterancy Rank 3

  • Extensive combat and fitness training allows the squad to stay on their toes and remain sharp, increasing mobility and weapon accuracy.