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Lend Lease Tactics
M4c com req 0
M4C Sherman
New vehicle - 76mm M4C Sherman Medium Tank. Available for deployment at the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya.
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Dshk com req 2
DShK 38 Heavy Machine Gun
Special DShk 38 Heavy Machine Gun can be deployed to the battlefield. Click and select location for deployment.
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M5htag com req 3
M5 Half-track Assault Group
Dispatch a M5 halftrack full of Guard Assault Troops armed with PPSh submachine guns and SVT rifles.
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Asd com req 4
Allied Supply Drop
A cargo plane will deliver available fuel to the target location, varying in amount based on availability. The cargo plane is highly vulnerable to anti-air units.
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Crk com req 5
Conscript Repair Kit
Demonstrating pure ingenuity, Conscripts can repair any damaged structure, vehicle, or bridge.