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Named after Avalon Hill's 1970 hex grid game - "Kriegspiel" - Kriegspiel V5: Realism Overhaul is a mechanically ambitious mod for Company of Heroes 2. It stresses the use of smaller squads (sections) for small unit tactics, in depth combat with randomized criticals on every weapon, greater map object permanence, unit morale, a vehicle fire system, and even a physical bullet and physical shrapnel system.

Screenshot (93)

Kriegspiel's shrapnel and concussion system.

The mod incorporates a slew of intelligence changes to the AI, particularly increasing their use of cover and aggressiveness. AI difficulty level is graduated by resource modifiers, rather than intelligence.

Screenshot (95)

Kriegspiel has extraordinary attention to detail - ranging from real vehicle acceleration, to overpenetration damage modifers, to correct gun traverse and elevation.

Kriegspiel transforms the game into a casual yet platoon-level combat "simulator". Coordinated combined arms attacks are necessary to break carefully planned defenses and ambushes. The mod puts the player much more in touch with their environment - no more fighting over only bridges as key points, but roads, forests, houses, fields, etc.


Using a battlephase system that is universal to all players, battlephases upgrade automatically through command points, and are modelled after years; 1942, 1942, 1944. Most weapons, abilities, and units are unlocked based on the year they were historically introduced. Your infantry, for example, will start fighting tanks with anti-tank rifles and molotovs, and advance to recoilless rifles and panzerfausts. Acquisition of command points has a heavier emphasis on combat experience, so players are incentivized to commit and 'get in the action'.


Kriegspiel shuns the commander system for a slightly more familiar concept to CoH1 players. Three doctrines are available from a common custom building the Communications Tower. The doctrines are universal, and apply the same resource bonuses and similar unit unlocks for all factions. Despite what other mods do, Kriegspiel refrains from content bloating; all units featured are actually faction-specific. (There are no beutepanzers, for instance). Doctrine resource bonuses encourage a certain play style with the unlocked units, but also gives the player a large enough arsenal to overcome any situation. A player may go Armored Warfare Doctrine for instance, but still have the ability to access indirect fire capabilities so that enemy emplacements and hidden anti-tank guns can be countered.


Screenshot (94)

Kriegspiel's canister shot.

Economy is also substancially different than vanilla. Base income is as high as the income that could be gained from most maps so that players are capable of bouncing back more easily, making that arduous PvP lobby wait worthwhile. Tanks cost much more fuel and all units with weapons require munitions. Manpower is no longer available as a substancial base income or a map resource, but is limited. This adds a fantastic new gameplay dynamic, the possibility for attritional victories or losses. The limited manpower system also prevents PvP games from dragging on for much more than a two hours, keeping the gameplay fresh.