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Krieg Barracks

A Krieg Barracks
Army Wehrmacht
Role Mid-level production center
Unit Cost 220 220
25 25
Prereq. Escalation to Skirmish Phase
Produced By Pioneer Squad
Production XP 20+20 xp
Health 500 500
Armor None

The Krieg Barracks is the third building that can produce troops for the Wehrmacht. The building has the ability to produce Grenadier Squads, Gr.34 80mm Mortar Teams, SdKfz 251 Half-tracks and Pak 38 50mm Anti-tank Guns. To be able to build this building, the player has to upgrade to the second tier through the HQ.


The Krieg Barracks is the second unit production building for the Wehrmacht (more commonly known as 'Tier 2') and allows them to call in Grenadiers that are more expensive and more powerful than Volksgrenadiers; the Sdkfz 251 Halftrack which is used to transport and reinforce soldiers can be upgraded in later tiers; the Mortar Team which is great at destroying enemy infantry; and finally the Pak 38 which is the standard Wehrmacht AT gun.