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Hauptmann Joseph Gunter "Ace" Shultz is the commander of the Panzergruppe. He is the primary antagonist in the original Company of Heroes - invasion of Normandy campaign, and one of the protagonists in the Tiger Ace mini campaign in Tales of Valor.

Role in Company of Heroes[]

His first encounter with Able Company was during the battle of Monteuberg, where his division tried to delay the allied convoy called the Red Ball Express without success. Shultz observed Captain MacKay, Able's co-commander through the scope of his Tiger, while his armored units retreated. He crossed path with Able Company while defending St.Lo, however was unable to turn the tide once again.

Despite Allied bombing that obliterated most of German tanks in Normandy, Shultz's Tiger survived along with seven Panthers at Hebecrevon. Although Able Company managed to knock out all 7 Panthers, Shultz killed MacKay with a precise shot using his tank gun from an extreme range and escaped.

Shultz later commanded Tigergruppen 502 at Autry, in an attempt to buy time for the 2nd Panzer Division to escape. Only this time, he perished when his Tiger was destroyed.

Shultz got more backstory in the Tales of Valor expansion. It was revealed he served with Maximillian Voss as the gunner of the legendary Tiger '205', a decorated vehicle unit earning its name from the Eastern Front. After their highlight moments at Villers-Bocage, Shultz was redirected to Panzer Lehr division to defend Normandy where he would meet his end. Voss, the narrator of the Tiger Ace story, was aware of Shultz's fate that he "died in his Tiger".

In-game unit[]

Shultz as a game unit only appeared in the campaign mission "Autry" in his Tiger Tank. Named "SuperTiger" in game files, the tank shares the same model with an ordinary Tiger but has far greater stats. In fact, Shultz's Tiger is the single most powerful unit in the entire vanilla game.

Shultz's Tiger is a specially scripted "Hero" or "Boss" unit. The Autry mission page has the details.