Joe Conti
Joe Conti
Name: Joe Conti
Status: Alive
Role: Unites States Army Ranger
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: United States Army; US Army Rangers
Profession: US Army Ranger
Rank: First Sergeant - 2nd Lieutenant
Played by: Neal McDonough

Lieutenant Joe Conti was a non-commissioned officer that served in Able Company, 116th Regiment, 29th Infantry Division during the Normandy Campaign. He took part in Operation Overlord ("D-day") and the following Battle(s) of Normandy, leading his men in the final skirmish for the Normandy campaign at the Falaise Pocket.


Joe Conti met Captain John McKay while he trained in Kansas, at Fort Riley. Conti recognize that McKay was an excellent leader, and the Captain proved that in the Normandy Campaign.

McKay was killed by Captain Schultz as he organized Allied defenses around Hebecrevon; Conti survived and took command of Able Company, ascending to the rank of Lieutenant. After Captain McKay's death, Able Company was assigned to Mortain, with the task of defending it. During that night, the 7th German Army attacked Mortain, but Able company repulsed the German troops; at dawn, Dog company (116th ID) arrived with a 2nd Armored Division unit. Together, Dog and Able destroyed the supporting German Flak 88 guns and stopped Operation Luttich.

After the counterattack around Mortain, Able Company's men, with the support of an M26 Pershing, hunted Schultz's Tiger Tank at Autry and destroyed it. Mckay's death was finally avenged. At the end, Able Company led the final Allied assault around Chambois, alongside the Canadian and the Polish Army. Together, they form a barrier and stop the German retreat, as well as repulsing the following counterattack.

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