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Jagdpanzer IV
Army Panzer Elite
Role Tank Destroyer
Unit Cost 700Icon Manpower Small 700,8Icon PopCap Small 8
Prereq. Tank Destroyer Tactics: Jagdpanzer Support
Produced By None; Called in from the field.
Primary armament 75 mm Pak 39 L/48
Secondary armament 7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34
Health 600Icon Health Small 600
Armor Medium
Max. Speed 5 m/s
Upgrades (2)
Tank Crew Commander
75 mm Pak 42 L/70 Gun

The Jagdpanzer IV is a German Tank destroyer based on on the chasis of the Panzer IV. In Company of Hereos it was add to the community created mod "Eastern Front' in patch 1.40.


75 mm Pak 39 L/48[]

The 75 mm gun of the Jagdpanzer IV drains about 110 hitpoints per hit and reloads for 6 seconds. It is very accurate and it has a big damage radius of 2 meters.

7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34[]

The Jagdpanzer IV is also equipped with a 7.92mm Maschinengewehr 34, installed at the front of the hull. This is a relic from the Panzer IV chassis on which this tank is built.

This weapon fires in 15-30 bullet bursts, and inflicts 6 points of damage per hit. It reloads 3 seconds after the bursts.

75 mm Pak 42 L/70[]

This longer barreled 75 mm gun packs up more damage than the original 75 mm Pak 39 which is increased from 110 to 165 points of damage but increases the reload rate from 6 to 7 seconds.

Historical Info: In late 1942 the success of the StuG III had shown that the strategy of mounting a large gun on an existing chasis was a proved concept for the tank destroyer. Also the need for a cheap and easy to produce anti-tank platform was becoming increasingly apparent. In response to this need four designs were drawn up, the first would eventually become the Jagdpanzer 38 (t), built on the outdated Panzer 38 (t) chasis and more well known as the Hetzer, around 4,000 were produced. The second used a Panther hull and an 8.8 cm gun used on the larger King Tiger design to create the Jagdpanther, around 400 were produced. The third followed the same suit as the Jagdpanther, but used a King Tiger hull and used a 12.8 cm gun that was planned for the Maus, the result was the Jagdtiger and around 88 were produced. The final design, the Jagdpanzer IV was to follow the same suit as before and mounted a PaK 42 L/40 on a Panzer IV chasis, around 2,000 were produced.

It is offered as a reward unit as of the patch 1.40 Rise of Aces for The Eastern Front mod