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COH 2 German Commander Portrait - Jaeger Armor Doctrine
Jaeger Armor Doctrine
COH 2 Commander Ability Icon - Mobile Observation Post 2
Mobile Observation Posts
Sdkfz. 251 Half-tracks are capable of camouflaging themselves and acting as an observation post to scout for hostile units.
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COH 2 Commander Ability Icon - Breakthrough Equipment 2
Breakthrough Equipment
Pioneers can be upgraded with special packages to clear obstacles, while Panzergrenadiers are granted Model 24 Smoke Grenades.
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Icons commander cmdr german air recon 4
Reconnaissance Overflight
Available aircraft will make a reconnaissance pass on the targeted location to reveal enemy forces.
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Upgrade Spotting Scopes COH2 Ostheer 5
Spotting Scope
Vehicles can be equipped with spotting scopes that allow them to see farther when stationary.
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Icons vehicle german elefant tank destroyer 14
Elefant Tank Destroyer
Allows the requisition of the Elefant Tank Destroyer to the battlefield.